I declare HotMES, aka Monique Stuart, the winner and NEW CHAMPEEN!!!

by CynthiaYockey on April 8, 2009

Things seem to be heating up considerably for the tax payer revolt Tea Parties planned for April 15 around the U.S. Today Gateway Pundit has the story about Arthur Delaney at the Huffington Post recruiting leftwingers to attend the Tea Parties as citizen reporters, taking photos, doing interviews and Twittering updates as events unfold.

Pajamas TV, founded by Roger Simon, has been recruiting conservative and libertarian citizen reporters to cover the Tea Parties for a week or so, who also are volunteering to do interviews, take photos and videos and Twitter updates.

Simon warns that the leftwing “citizen reporters” may actually combine their “reporting” with acts of provocation with the intention of disgracing the Tea Party tax revolt movement. He has worthwhile advice on how to spot the lefties. My advice as a former newspaper reporter is to obtain the name, phone number and e-mail address of anyone who wants to interview you, write it down and take their photo before you talk to them.

I also hope the local organizers are smart enough to hire a few off-duty cops as security guards for their events. A stitch in time, don’tcha know.

Well, all this attention from the left suggests that the Jell-o wrestling grudge match — nude or clothed — between budding young conservative bloggers HotMES (aka Monique Stuart) and Insert Clever S.logan Here (aka Suzanne Logan) is no longer necessary to assure press coverage of the Tea Party in Richmond, Virginia.

If you check here you will see that I selflessly appointed myself the referee of the match on March 26 and set a few preliminary rules, the most important of which is as follows:

Suzanne and Monique each may earn points toward the decision of winner by adding me to their Blogrolls, as above, with extra points to the one who can prove she was first.

Update: Monique, aka HotMES, was first to the Blogroll and is now officially ahead on points. I wonder what Suzanne will do to try to claim the lead?

Thirteen days have passed and Clever S.logan has done nothing at all even to get into the running — just check the void where “A Conservative Lesbian” should be in her Blogroll. Meanwhile, Monique Stuart has accumulated a bajillion points per day for her alert action in putting “A Conservative Lesbian” at https://www.aconservativelesbian.com into HER Blogroll. And I have just doubled her point total for this post. I spoke too soon — now it’s tripled! With only a week until Tea Party Day on April 15, there is no way that the buxom brunette Clever S.logan can pull off a come-from-behind victory no matter how pornographic the picture that “buxom brunette” and “come-from-behind” puts in your head.

So, as official referee, I declare HotMES, aka Monique Stuart, the hot girl-on-girl conservative Jell-o wrestling match winner and NEW CHAMPEEN!!!


My father, Hubert P. Yockey, will turn 93 on April 15. Every birthday with him is precious. Obama will be revolting for three more years.

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smitty April 8, 2009 at 9:52 pm

Thank you, updated linked post with your excellent advice just below a slightly less relevant Monty Python clip.

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