Update on 'If he's just not that into her, he's a FOOL!'

by CynthiaYockey on March 28, 2009

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OK, if I didn’t have the cute photo I might not be writing this update about Cuban Diva BFF’s blind date awhile back — the one that never happened.

It wasn’t that he was just not that into her.

It was more like he, a man in his forties, did not have the ability to commit to a plan that was more than 15 minutes in the future.

Also, while he could not bring himself to go dutch with Cuban Diva BFF at Starbuck’s, he did inquire about her annual income.

So we’re sure he has a practical streak.

Not that there should be any suspense about this, but he has no chance whatsoever with Cuban Diva BFF now — that’s the beauty of having standards.

P.S. That is not Cuban Diva BFF and Angelo Gatto (her kitty’s nom de blog) in the photo.

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Cuban Diva March 29, 2009 at 9:53 am

What a surprise! I had no idea. Is this how celebrities feel when they read about themselves? I like it.

Update: Clueless Man called again yesterday, still no plan for a date.
I’m being punked, aren’t I?

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