by CynthiaYockey on March 14, 2009

I am a Wolverine, in the University of Michigan, “Hail to the Victors Valiant” sense, so when the Wolverines meme got rolling, it caught my eye.

I think it started on Feb. 14 with a National Review Online list of the top 25 conservative movies here, which listed Red Dawn at number 15. In this movie, Soviets attack in the U.S. and a group of high school kids fight them and I gather their battle cry was “Wolverines!” because that was the name of their school’s football team. (I haven’t seen the movie, but see the clip below.)

Our dear studly Robert Stacy McCain added his own nominations here and then Moe Lane weighed in here on Stacy’s take on NRO’s list calling Red Dawn “awful,” BUT the movie must have some kind of hold on Moe’s imagination because he added this fateful “P.P.S.”:


And the meme was off and running.

Tea Party people: this is your battle cry: “WOLVERINES!!!!!”

Stacy explains here:

Conservatives are now a guerrilla resistance. Harassing the enemy — staging raids and ambushes that prevent him from enjoying his conquest at leisure — is basic to guerrilla resistance. If we are doomed to destruction, as least let it be said that we died fighting. But those who never fight, never win.

In a word: “Wolverines!”

It has been picked up by The Bloggess, although totally by serendipity after someone sent her a Wolverine doll that is inflated through a stem positioned in Wolverine’s crotch, as you can see here at her “Good Mom, Bad Mom” blog at the Houston Chronicle.

But then the dear Bloggess took it into her head to rally the world via Twitter to cry, “Wolverines!” here and such is her charismatic leadership that it was a top trend on Twitter in an hour.

What can I say?



I gave dear Stacy such a glowing testimonial this week that I have to admit I long for him to include me with his other testimonials in that gap right under Little Miss Attila (DO. NOT. GO. THERE!) and just above Sean Hackbarth, like this:

“Stacy McCain — the envy of every man … irresistible to women.” A Newly Conservative Lesbian with Really Big Breasts


Stacy has put me in his Blogroll as Cynthia Yockey, which is enormously generous and warms my heart.


However, karma has gotten busy with Stacy for denouncing gay marriage so often this week that Google Ads served up a display ad featuring a bare-chested, hot man, and the headline, “Find sexy gay singles in your area!” just now when I went to his site. I would LOVE to know if any of my readers go there and see it, too! Come back and tell!

Update: Cuban Diva visited Stacy’s site, The Other McCain, this afternoon (3/15/09) and e-mailed the screenshot below of what the Google gods of karma do to gay marriage denouncers:

Karma's a bitch (with a sense of humor): gay dating site ad screen capture from The Other McCain, 3/15/2009.

Karma's a bitch (with a sense of humor): gay dating site ad screen capture from The Other McCain, 3/15/2009.

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Robert Stacy McCain March 14, 2009 at 7:50 pm

Cynthia, dear, you are going to get such a Rule 2 for this. You never know when the mighty hammer of linky-love is going to hit your Site Meter, but I promise you’ll be purring like a happy kitten. (Note to self: Avoid temptation to clever double entendre.) But I’ll leave to shiver with anticipation . . .

Anniee451 March 16, 2009 at 5:36 pm

How is it possible that you’ve never seen Red Dawn? What about War Games? Gah – I don’t know, I made sure my kids heard the music and saw the movies and read the books that had been important to me – not that they don’t have their own as well. In understanding the culture of the Cold War, I think things like that are very helpful. It’s also important to remember that each generation has their very real fears – lest we get too panicky about our current ones and don’t have any kind of reality check.

Cynthia Yockey March 16, 2009 at 8:50 pm


If you look at my post titled, “Gay Marriage,” you’ll see my photos of my late life partner and me. She had multiple sclerosis, as well as a supernaturally kind nature, so violent scenes and war movies were much too toxic for her to tolerate, and actually made her sick — her reaction to one or two trials were impressive enough to me not to push the matter — so we didn’t watch them.


Dave C March 16, 2009 at 10:15 pm

I enjoyed wearing my MSU sweatshirt downtown Ann Arbor.. 🙂

Anyhoo.. whenever someone said something about it, I would mention back that my wife graduated as a veterinarian from State.. the reply was always the pretty much the same, “Oh, the vet school? Well then, that’s okay. Best in the country.”

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