Gay marriage as Penelope's web vs. Nixon to China

by CynthiaYockey on March 2, 2009

Here’s the thing about getting gay marriage legalized — it makes a LOT more sense for me to engage conservatives on the issue than liberal Democrats because I only have to educate conservatives about the “gay” part of the issue and joyfully, that work not only stays done, but actually begins to multiply itself virally through their social networks. I know this because I started doing this kind of education around 1973 when I was 20.

HOWEVER — I have decided with liberals and Democrats, it is completely futile to discuss gay marriage because they absolutely cannot comprehend WHY it is so utterly, passionately, life-or-death, heaven-or-hell important for us to have the right to marry legally NOW, if not sooner — for us, for them, for the children, for a strong nation and a better world now and forever.

The reason is that liberals and Democrats are so wishy-washy on marriage itself that every day is like weaving a Penelope’s web in their minds on what marriage means and every night that work is undone and we start at square one the next day ad infinitem.

So it totally doesn’t matter at all about how accepting liberals and Democrats are of us as lesbians and gays. As long as they don’t get the importance of marriage, they will never move the muscles and expend the political capital to make gay marriage happen.

Worse than that, my perception is that the Democratic Party has turned evil towards lesbians and gays. They have so successfully demonized conservatives and Republicans that they are now functioning like a cult, one of the traits of which is to terrorize members about leaving the fold. And, to continue the cult analogy, they are mercilessly and shamelessly exploiting lesbians and gays for money and labor with the promise that some day, some far off and ever-receding day, gay marriage will be important enough for them to reciprocate with the effort required to make it happen. Which they could do this week with just a couple of amendments to the omnibus spending bill, if they really wanted. Which they don’t. And never will.

After all, when you have total control of an industrious, educated and prosperous minority who are completely your bitches and will do anything you say and wait and hope FOREVER nourished by promises alone while they hold the door for less-deserving minorities, most of whom hate them and want them dead, to thunder past them, each and every one of whom has more rights than they do the instant their ass is over the border and regardless of any crime they have committed, including murder and treason, why would you give those slaves their freedom by delivering on their issues? Well, the Democrats won’t now, won’t ever.

Unlike liberal Democrats, conservatives now are talkable on the subject of gay marriage because they cherish marriage and therefore can grasp at an emotional level beyond words why we hunger for it so and must have it or die.

Unlike liberal Democrats, conservatives now are talkable on the subject of gay marriage regarding how it affects how people are taxed and whether permitting it can enable more people to create wealth and jobs and cost society less when they fall on bad times because they grasp that that is intellectually consistent with the tenets of conservatism.

And for me, the beauty of putting in the time and love, and, probably, sometimes tears, into going right into the belly of the beast to have it out with conservatives over gay marriage is that I believe that words have meaning to them and are connected to actions and that they are the ones who will make gay marriage happen, and be glad to do it, Nixon-to-China-style, because once you get something done with them, by golly, it stays done.

In the meantime, my liberal Democrat lesbian and gay friends, here is music to wait for your Democrat savior to come through for you, from Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly, which is apt on so many levels:

“Un bel di vedremo, ” (“One beautiful day we shall see”) Italian lyrics with English translation here:

André Rieu, “The Humming Chorus,” from Madame Butterfly:

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Maggie April 2, 2009 at 10:13 pm


I am not a gay, I am a married woman. This is a very hard subject to contemplate because it goes against so much of what I believe.

However, I see where there are issues that need to be resolved at a social level, and yes, they do need a resolution, rather than this hanging around. If the law of contract does not provide that level of protection then yes you do need to have something that makes a relationship binding in some way. It is far better than the situation where people are constantly having flings. This is a comment for both heterosexual and homosexual people.

In other words, I do sympathize with your comments regarding the way in which gays and lesbians are being strung along by the Democrats.

Cynthia Yockey April 3, 2009 at 12:02 am


Thank you, I appreciate your sharing your own perspective. And thank you for seeing that the Democrats are indeed stringing lesbians and gays along. As you say, people in marriages are better off, and better for society, than people who never commit, or can’t stay committed.


Matt H June 26, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Be careful when you say,”less-deserving minorities (along with that whole paragrpah).” Some might take it as a racist comment against hispanics. I give you the benefit of the doubt because I have read alot of your writing and am confident that is not what you meant.

I want to draw an anology between the gay community and the hispanic. At least the non-illegal hispanic community. We are equally slaves to the Democratic party. I wish more of my people would wake up and realize that the Democratic party does not care about us.

My family fled here as Castro was taking over. The men were officer’s in Batista’s army and the revolution leaders tried to have my family killed. We came over poor, with only the clothes on our back and none of us spoke English. Through hard work and responsibility, the family is now putting out doctors, of which I am one. I start med school in a month. Conservative principles are what made my family successful despite all the excuses to end up as welfare slaves forever. If we had liberal mentalities, we would be permemant fixtures on the medicaif/food stamp rolls.

The Democratic party has some unspeakable hold over my people. They use this hold to hijack the illegal immigration debate and brand anyone who want to do something about the problem as racist. They feed us just enough scraps to keep us coming back to the table. It drives me insane that more hispanics do not realize that conservative principles are the key to our success in this country.

I apologize for hijacking your post but I see similarities between the gay community and the hispanic.

P.S. Your absolutely right. Keep spreading the word to the rest of the conservatives. It was someone like you who got me to support gay marriage. I will post my story on your article.

“Yoo-hoo! Gay Democrats! Republicans now are the party of tolerance and equality and diversity — who’da thunk it?”

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