Ruh-roh! It's bad karma not to link to Little Miss Attila!

by CynthiaYockey on February 16, 2009

I have a routine of blogs I check every day and Little Miss Attila is on it. Why, just last night, when Cuban Diva BFF was depressed after an argument with her mother and called to be cheered up, I immediately enfolded her in the bosom of Little Miss Attila, by which I mean I navigated to LMA’s site and clicked on her post featuring a parody of the “Latest Fucking Thing from Sony” from The Onion and held the phone to my computer speakers. Mission accomplished!

What should I find tonight on my final round before retiring to the arms of Morpheus, but Little Miss Attila’s post on Stacy McCain’s post on how it is bad karma not to link to her! When she had done me such a big solid only the night before! To say nothing of my sense of good fortune that McCain’s post included a tutorial on how he had attracted a million hits in a year, which is now pretty much my new “to do” list.

To be honest, I understand links, I think, but still haven’t entirely figured out what pings and trackbacks are and what I’m supposed to do about them, and it was something I was going to try to figure out today, all because Little Miss Attila had another post here, linking to the Anchoress here, whom I also like, and which I so totally wanted to link to my posts explaining that Obama is a sociopath and how suddenly all his contradictions and lies make sense when you really, really understand that, except that then I was pretty sure I would be a link whore, or link spammer, or something bad to do with links. So I wrote about “honor” murders instead due to the beheading of Aasiya Z. Hassan on Feb. 12 by her “moderate” Muslim husband in New York and having a former colleague who was honor murdered by her gynecologist (*shudder*) Muslim husband and a Muslim friend who cannot go back to Pakistan because her ex-husband has vowed to kill her for divorcing him. Which is not funny at all. But attention had to be paid.

Likewise, for lo! these many blessings, I now thank Little Miss Attila with links, which are good karma and the coin of the blogosphere.

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Joy McCann February 22, 2009 at 9:31 am

You’re very kind, Cynthia.

I’ve been blogging almost six years and get trackbacks and pings confused, too. But as I understand, they are the key to success in this endeavor.

Of course, some of us don’t mind running “boutique blogs,” because it allows us to also earn money at our day jobs without disappointing the readers too much . . .

But Stacy’s just being a sweetheart; one mustn’t take this linking business too seriously.

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