Stumbling out of the gate

by CynthiaYockey on August 14, 2012

Thanks to links by Instapundit and Moe Lane and the donations I received, I was able to make the car down payment this morning. But I have to explain why I haven’t written my thank-you notes yet.

I was out of bed and out the door before 7 am this morning (Monday) for a mile walk in the early morning sunshine to help me be alert for the day. Light shuts off melatonin production so getting out in the sunshine early in the day is important for reducing the effects of my idiopathic hypersomnia.

Shortly after our veterinarian’s office opened, I took dear little Cleo’s body for cremation. Next I dropped off some items at Goodwill as part of my on-going de-cluttering. Then I went to the car dealer to make the down payment. Thank you, dear gentle donors!

I felt foggy and sleepy when I got home and eating lunch didn’t help. No matter how much I wanted to be awake and spend the afternoon writing, I felt like there was a storm in my head and I was going to have to sleep. That’s the difference between needing a nap and having to sleep due to idiopathic hypersomnia. Even if I could have stayed awake, I would not have been productive. And my father wasn’t up yet, so I didn’t have to try to stay awake. I was out cold until I heard my father get up around 5 pm. (It is a cold, cold feeling of dread when he sleeps all day like that but sometimes he just needs that much sleep.)

So–I’m stumbling out of the gate. If I stay up into the wee hours writing thank-you notes it will make the next day or two very miserable. I am sorry for the delay but it makes the most sense to write them tomorrow when I’m feeling better.


Master of tip jar fundraising, dear Stacy McCain, has given me sage counsel to write two posts a day and put a PayPal donation button at the end of every post. He is right. While the immediate need has been met, even though I’ve improved far more from my idiopathic hypersomnia than most do–it’s a deadly condition–even one or two sleep attacks a week make me unemployable by anyone except myself since putting up with them is not a “reasonable accommodation” required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. My father is 96 and I am working for room and board, which ends when he passes on. This means I have to create my own business to be able to support myself and I have to do it now before he goes. I think it will take six months to start generating revenue. That is why I will continue to rattle the tip jar: so I can pay the small expenses of getting on my own two feet financially.


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