Lisa De Pasquale is the new interim chair of GOProud, replacing Chris Barron

by CynthiaYockey on December 15, 2011

Lisa De Pasquale and Cynthia Yockey at BlogCon 2010 in Virginia in September 2010.

Lisa De Pasquale and Cynthia Yockey at BlogCon 2010 in Virginia in September 2010.

GOProud announced yesterday that co-founder Christopher Barron is stepping down as chairman of the board. Lisa De Pasquale, former executive director of CPAC from June 2006 to April 2011 has been elected interim chairman of the board. Chris will continue as GOProud’s chief strategist and serve on the board as chairman emeritus.

Joe.My.God., a progressive gay blog, carried the news and a comment there included a photo of Lisa and me taken at BlogCon 2010 in Virginia, which I’m including above, from someone trying to determine if Lisa is a lesbian. No, she’s straight.

I’m overjoyed to see Lisa take on this role. She is the perfect person to lead this re-structuring:

“I am truly honored to be elected interim chairman of the GOProud board,” said De Pasquale. “The next several months will be important for their growth. Along with the GOProud staff, the Board will help refine the organization’s mission, develop a strategy for making Obama a one-term president, do substantive activities across the country, and build coalitions with conservative organizations, lawmakers and activists.”

“One of the first steps the new GOProud Board will be taking is to expand,” continued De Pasquale. “We will be inviting many of our Advisory Council members to join the Board of Directors. We need their support, their talents and their advice in a more formal capacity to continue to be able to build on the successes of the last two and a half years.”

“The day to day management of the organization will remain the same. The board has 100% faith in the leadership of Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia,” concluded De Pasquale.

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