Best. Health Club. EVAH!!!

by CynthiaYockey on July 27, 2010

In late May 2007, I felt so good after all the work I had to do to get some 80-ish 15-gallon containers I use for my heirloom tomato garden from their winter home in the backyard to their summer home in the front yard that I knew I needed to get into some structured exercise programs to regain my health and have a shot at functioning well enough to be able to support myself. (I’ll explain more about that soon — I’ve finally decided to tell my story.)

I joined the Bel Air Athletic Club and recently I was considering a post in which I was going to poke a little fun at myself about having to work hard in my cardio class to keep up with the seventy-something instructors. I’d forgotten the name of one of them, but I was sure I could describe her by a unique characteristic, so I asked one of the assistant managers, “What is the name of the woman who sometimes substitute teaches the cardio class — the one who lost her foot to cancer?”

The assistant manager looked puzzled and then replied, “Which one? We have two.”

Best. Health club. EVAH!!!!!!!

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