Gingerbread cookie ice cream

by CynthiaYockey on November 26, 2009

… is teh awesome. It’s a seasonal flavor that Safeway is carrying as one of its house brand ice creams. I put the chocolate fudge topping on it that turns into a hard shell and it is scrumptious.

This is the first year that Safeway has carried one of my favorite flavors of ice cream year-round: peppermint. I cannot explain to you why mint chocolate chip is not an acceptable substitute, although I like that, too. Anyway, I learned to love peppermint ice cream during my childhood in California. I began to look for it again as an adult and only found it at Safeway from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. It would go on sale after Christmas and I would squirrel away as many half-gallons as my freezer would hold, and buy extra for my parents when they had a freezer. That way they had peppermint ice cream for a few more months.

I can live with Safeway’s pumpkin pie ice cream being a seasonal flavor, but the gingerbread cookie ice cream is so delicious that I hope they decide to make it year-round, like the peppermint ice cream.

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Peter November 26, 2009 at 8:48 pm

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, pal.

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