Ignoring Sarah Palin's job record versus ignoring Obama's

by CynthiaYockey on November 23, 2009

Daniel Blatt, aka Gay Patriot West, saw Gov. Palin being interviewed this week and discussing her interview in 2008 with Katie Couric. Gov. Palin said that Couric never asked her any questions about her record in Alaskan government as a mayor, commissioner and governor. Instead, Couric badgered Gov. Palin by asking the same questions on trivial points again and again in an apparent effort to get responses that would show ignorance or irritation.

Daniel says he reviewed the transcripts of the Couric interview of Gov. Palin and confirmed Gov. Palin’s assertions:

Not once did Couric manifest any knowledge of Palin’s record in Alaska, save the media scuttlebutt about her church and her views of social issue. But, that does not go to her record as a public official. Nothing about Palin’s work on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) where she took on a fellow Republican and ally of the Governor who had appointed her. Nothing about her work with a Democrat to bring down the corrrupt Republican Attorney General of her state. Nothing about the reforms she achieved as Governor by working across party lines.

Katie Couric, like many of her colleague in the mainstream media, ignored Sarah Palin’s record, perhaps to better portray as a clueless neophyte, chosen for her gender (so the GOP ticket could exploit divisions in the Democratic Party) and her “extreme” social views (so she could rally a dispirited GOP base).

It’s funny, they were as indifferent to Palin’s record in office as they were that of Barack Obama. By disregarding her record, they could dismiss her credentials as a real reformer, at odds with her party establishment. By turning a blind eye to this, they could portray him as a new kind of politician, ignoring that he had been a team player for the Chicago Democratic machine.

I do sincerely hope that the McCain/Palin campaign workers who muzzled Gov. Palin, then arranged for the interviews with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson without showing up with their own camera crew to signal that editing the interviews into a hatchet job would be promptly exposed, find another line of work and never are employed in politics or public service again.

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Stinky November 23, 2009 at 4:24 pm

From your lips to God’s ears, Cynthia.

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