explains ‘why so many vehemently anti-gay politicians and religious leaders are creepy sexual deviants’

by CynthiaYockey on October 7, 2011


Experiments show power and hypocrisy are linked in the brain


No matter how the researcher went about instilling the feelings of power, the results were the same: Within minutes, a feeling of power flips a switch in the brain that says, “The rules now do not apply to me. BRING ME A WHORE.”

And this next point goes a long way toward explaining the passivity and victim psychology of the Left:

But even stranger, the people induced to feel powerless went the opposite way — they actually were more self-critical than they’d normally be. Think about what that says about society: The people who are already powerless, as a result feel like they’re less worthy to be in power and thus stay powerless.

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  • Anonymous

      When a decent person wants to make a living he or she learns some kind of skill. When a scumbag wants to make a living he or she wants to gain some kind of power. This is why there are so many scumbags in politics.

  • It’s always fun to read a.k.a. “the cool wikipedia”. It’s a really addicting website. In the meanwhile, I’m daring to recommend you this link: Definitively I can’t grasp yet what did (and neuroscientists) meant when it proclaimed that “free will” and “evil” do not exist? 

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