A Conservative Lesbian will be a guest on The Rick Moran Show on BlogTalk Radio tonight, 8 pm Central

by CynthiaYockey on May 11, 2010

I’m sorry for the late notice — WordPress is acting up. The show is on for an hour — call in at 1-718-664-9764.

Update, 5/11/2010, Tues.: Rick Moran invited me this afternoon to join him on The Rick Moran Show on Blogtalk radio at 8 pm Central Time with fellow guests Clarice Feldman (see her at American Thinker and Pajamas Media) and Rich Baehr (see him at American Thinker and Pajamas Media. See Rick Moran at American Thinker, Pajamas Media, and his own blog, Right Wing Nuthouse.

We discussed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, ranged back to the inauguration of the welfare state under LBJ and the destruction that it has wrought on the family and the individual’s ability to achieve his or her own full potential, and it seemed to me that we ended up at a place where her being a lesbian could be a positive contribution since there is a disturbing lack of diversity on the court — to wit, the justices are all from either Yale or Harvard and the three women all grew up in New York City. Basically, they’ve all been a part of the prosperous elite for so long none of them have a clue about real life or real trial courts, so, after all, how bad could Kagan be? Plus, as Clarice pointed out, Kagan should be recusing herself from cases she was involved in as Solicitor General as they come before the Supreme Court over the next few years. To me that means she’ll have plenty of time to learn the job.

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