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by CynthiaYockey on March 5, 2010

It’s been tough, blog-wise, for the last month. The first two weeks of February I spent coping with two blizzards and two snow storms — it was painful and exhausting. Then I went to CPAC, which was WONDERFUL, but I got very sleep-deprived. I’d have recovered faster if I’d been willing to close my eyes more to sleep and do my TM-Sidhi program properly over the next week, but I was thoroughly spooked by my kitty Sophia’s death from the same illness my father has and didn’t want to sleep when he was awake.

As soon as I recovered from CPAC, I thought it would only take an hour or so to make some changes to my blog that I’ve been wanting to do for several months, and thanks to my enthusiasm from the convention, last Saturday seemed like the right day to do them. Sooooo — I’ve been wrestling with the aftermath from THAT for a week now and I’ve got everything fixed except for figuring out why the coffee cup graphic is suddenly huge. However, one way or another I’m going to achieve my original intention. Full stop. Which is why posting will be light until then. I’m having to learn a lot of new things since I maintain this blog myself and I have to concentrate to pull everything together. But I’m really excited about how useful my blog will be when I’m done.

Here are posts I’m planning, although I won’t absolutely swear I’ll write because I have other pressing work to do, as well:

  1. Nature loves symmetry, and God has a sense of humor, so since I recently had to chide The Anchoress (!) for doing something evil, I now must explain why Keith Olbermann is NOT entirely evil or crazy in the rant Ace linked about his sick/dying father in a post on whether Olbermann is on his way out of MSNBC.
  2. My CPAC photos.
  3. How the Blog Bash at CPAC changed me and my blogging because of what Val Prieto (founder of Babalu) and Melissa Clouthier said, plus the warm reception I got when I first walked into the Bloggers Lounge from Jimmy Bise and Fausta, and Jimmy’s magnanimous parting remark to me at the end of CPAC (“Keep knocking them out of the park!”).
  4. At CPAC I made up with Gay Patriot (but not Gay Patriot West — yet — and I’ll explain why Gabriel Malor of Ace of Spades may have a spotlight put on him, soon).
  5. Stacy McCain is a genius for his explanation of how Lefties create or twist facts to smear the Right.
  6. A post featuring Timothy Hutton and Gina Bellman from the TNT show, “Leverage,” and a scene from a movie early in Hutton’s career, “Ordinary People.”
  7. I want to match a HillBuzz post on Trolls 101 on how they work to dissipate their opposition’s energy to explain how that applies to civil unions.
  8. Why I think the Miss California contestant, Miss Beverly Hills, is angling to replace Carrie Prejean as spokesvictim for the National Organization for Marriage — or NOM is seeking a Miss California contestant who will create a brouhaha similar to the one Prejean did last year.
  9. What Eric Clapton’s new TMobile commercial has to do with Claude Hopkins, the father of modern advertising.
  10. Why, yes, I DID see that California Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn, who is married to a woman and the father of four children, and who has a 100 percent voting record against any measure for equality for homosexuals, was recently arrested for drunk driving after leaving a gay bar in Sacramento AND that he had a man in his vehicle. And I probably will have something to say about it.
  11. Meeting Da Tech Guy was a highlight of CPAC and here is a video of him interviewing me .
  12. And I’m going to have to catch up on my posts for Newsreal, what with being a Feminist Hawk there, now, and in exalted company, including Dr. Phyllis Chesler.

Suggested reading:

  1. This column by Melanie Phillips on the Labour Party’s secret and successful campaign permanently to alter the ethnic composition of the population of Great Britain. (H/T Kathy Shaidle.)
  2. VA Classical Liberal at the Daily Kos on the Hayek vs. Keynes smack-down.
  3. And this post on a possible cure for multiple sclerosis, if restricted bloodflow in the brain turns out to be causing the problem. FYI, disability due to MS is not related to the number of lesions in the brain visible in MRIs.

Thanks for sticking with me, gentle readers!

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datechguy March 6, 2010 at 4:48 am

The timing of your kind compliment could not have been better. Thanks, I desperately needed that.

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