How cold is it?

by CynthiaYockey on January 7, 2010

Why, it’s so cold, I saw …

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NebraskaPatriot January 7, 2010 at 11:19 am

How Long Does It Take for a Global Warmist To Freeze Solid?
ok, even we are getting tired of this . . .

High today: 0

Windchill in eastern Nebraska: -22

Winds out of the North: 35 – 50 mph ALL DAY

Low tonight: -15

High on Friday: below zero

Low Friday night: -25

WANTED: Global Warmist and tree-hugging types

EXPERIMENT: See how long these yahoos are willing to stand outside today on the principle that Global Warming is settled science

Here’s an article you will want to read that is in the Omaha World-Herald this morning entitled, “A Persistent Polar Pattern”.

A couple highlights:

A little-understood Arctic phenomenon may be behind the worst winter conditions in a quarter-century across much of the United States, near record lows in Omaha and misery from northern Europe to Asia.
There is more snow on the ground, 21 inches, than in any January since 1948 — the earliest date for which reliable snow records are available.

The average temperature in Omaha for the first five days of the year has been 3.1 degrees, the third-lowest on record dating to the late 1800s.

And on Friday, Omaha’s daytime high isn’t expected to climb above zero. That hasn’t happened since 1997, said Ken Dewey, an applied climatologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s School of Natural Resources.

But as bad as the Midlands weather has been, the southern United States might be faring worse because that region is less accustomed to the cold, said Eric Wilhelm, a meteorologist for AccuWeather Inc., The World-Herald’s consultant.

The Arctic Oscillation involves atmospheric circulation over the polar region, and its intensity is the strongest in decades, meteorologists say.

And then let me throw this last one at you: “Michelle L’Heureux, a meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, said the Arctic Oscillation is one of the least understood weather patterns and is difficult to predict.”

Really? In 2010, we can not predict the weather? Hmmm, could it be that Global Warming ISN’T settled science after all?

Say it ain’t so Al . . .

I R A Darth Aggie January 7, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Dear Nebraska,

This is retribution for the Cornhusker Ho.


The other 56 states not given a sweetheart deal

NebraskaPatriot January 7, 2010 at 7:42 pm

Hey, just send those checks to the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue. Just kidding.
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