This historic, frightening anniversary

by CynthiaYockey on November 7, 2009

Iowahawk’s column from 11/6/2008 on the election of Obama, which he re-published yesterday, has proved to be prescient. My only quibble is that the presidency is Obama’s second full-time job ever, not his first. He was a copy editor in his 20’s. While others complain that Obama has never run so much as a lemonade stand, it just occurred to me that he had a cocaine habit that his legitimate income would not have supported, so he may well have entrepreneurial experience, after all, if he were a drug dealer. Well, I suppose that counts.

Iowahawk’s congratulatory column begins:

Although I have not always been the most outspoken advocate of President-Elect Barack Obama, today I would like to congratulate him and add my voice to the millions of fellow citizens who are celebrating his historic and frightening election victory. I don’t care whether you are a conservative or a liberal — when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation’s highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.

And continues here.

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