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by CynthiaYockey on November 7, 2009

This is a video from 1990 of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program, explaining how the Maharishi Effect can create peace and positive trends. The Maharishi Effect begins when any given population has at least one percent practicing the Transcendental Meditation program twice a day, or the square root of one percent of a population practicing the TM-Sidhi program, which includes yogic flying, in a group.

I learned the TM technique in 1974 and the TM-Sidhi program in 1978. Yogic flying is real — one of the women in my class was in her sixties and could not bend her legs at the knees due to arthritis, but I saw her fly up and forward with her legs straight out in front of her in a few hops that took her about 10 feet across the foam we used for our yogic flying technique.

Neither the Transcendental Meditation technique nor the TM-Sidhi program are a religion. They are effortless and very pleasant to do. I consider the money I spent to learn these programs to be the best and most successful investment of my life. These techniques are unique — nothing else is comparable, or has comparable positive results.

No other meditation or personal development program has been as studied as the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. I recommend checking out the Web site of the foremost researcher on the TM technique and Maharishi Effect, Dr. David Orme-Johnson, who is an absolutely brilliant and wonderful man of the very highest integrity. (It includes letters from people of a variety of religions who have learned the TM technique and affirm that it does not conflict with their religion.)

I bring this up due to the anger, hurt, grief and sadness flowing in the wake of the mass murder at Fort Hood by Army psychiatrist/Muslim extremist Maj. Hasan. We don’t need everyone in the U.S. to practice the TM technique, but your individual life does get better when you do, and with large enough numbers to trigger the Maharishi Effect, you change the trends of society for the better in measurable ways.

Find out more, and where you can learn the Transcendental Meditation technique at

If you can’t find a qualified TM teacher, leave a comment here and I’ll help you. I will not, however, put up with complaints that they charge a fee to teach you the technique. Prior to Maharishi’s founding an organization to teach this technique in 1958, the price was to become celibate, be male, find and join the right ashram and give up all your worldly goods. So the current price structure for instruction represents quite a discount. This is a technique that reliably, pleasantly and systematically will take people who practice it consistently to the highest levels of enlightenment — it is worth the money! Plus, once you have the desire to learn the TM technique, it really can be amazing how your luck improves and the money you need for it comes to you, even when it seems impossible.

Bonus: Maharishi explains how to produce permanent peace — there is serious science about this, this is not about airey-fairey attitudes:

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