White House confirms it is collecting opponents' e-mail addresses for intimidation campaign

by CynthiaYockey on August 12, 2009

White House assistant press secretary Bill Burton confirmed this morning in an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News that the White House started its snitch program for the purposes of intimidating opponents to ObamaCare and collecting their e-mail addresses to bombard them with re-education e-mails until they beg for mercy and bow to Obama’s rule without question or murmur.

Under Obama’s new snitch program, supporters of ObamaCare send the e-mail addresses and other contact info of opponents of ObamaCare to a special e-mail address for the White House.

Burton’s confirmations were expressed by his refusal to answer repeated direct questions about what the White House will do with the opponents’ e-mail addresses. Instead, he deceitfully connected the opponents of ObamaCare with swastikas and Hitler when it is perfectly clear that their intentions are to characterize Obama as Hitler and his healthcare proposals as National Socialism and to express their opposition.

Apparently, the rules about reporting have changed now that we are in Bass Ackward Land, so I’m just trying to adjust and keep up by reporting that Burton admitted to what the White House really is doing because that is the opposite of what he says they are doing.

As I handed Dad his breakfast this morning — diced fresh peach, old-fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon, honey, walnuts and blueberries — Ms. Kelly began interviewing Burton and I stopped to listen. Ms. Kelly did an excellent job of pressing him again and again to tell what the White House plans to do with the e-mail addresses of opponents of Obama’s healthcare reform legislation. He smirks or grins every time and changes the subject, with smears such as insinuating the opponents of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid healthcare reform proposals are Nazis because some of the demonstrators are waving swastikas (oops! I’m sure he just plain forgot to mention they have the international symbol for “no” or “ban this” over them or clearly are intended to characterize Obama and his proposals) or dressing up as Hitler — or more accurately, Obama as Hitler, but that’s such a silly detail. Only totalitarian liberals may invoke the symbols of totalitarianism as a moral indictment of values they oppose.

Even with all Bill Burton’s shucking and jiving, Ms. Kelly exposes the White House’s intent in asking people to send the White House the e-mail addresses of the people who oppose the Obama/Pelosi/Reid healthcare reform proposals. She notes that, by law, the White House staff must, at the very least, keep copies of all the e-mail they receive and eventually make them public — and those e-mails contain the e-mail addresses of people who did not give their permission for their e-mail address or other personal information to be shared. But their information is in the snitchers’ e-mails, so it will be made public, too. So the first purpose of the snitching program is to chill debate through intimidation.

The second purpose of creating an e-mail enemies list obviously is to use the e-mail addresses of the opponents of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid healthcare reform proposals to bombard them with propaganda. Burton does not admit to that. But that is how Obama rolls. Perhaps the delay is due to having to figure out how to circumvent the law against spamming.

Here’s the interview:

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Peter August 12, 2009 at 5:37 pm

I wonder who Obama thinks he is trying to intimidate. It would have been nice if he’d gone to U.S. public schools when he was a child. He would have discovered that Americans do not scare all that easily. So, I get a ton of e-mails telling me that I’m a Nazi. Or trying to re-educate me.

Sorry, Obama, I didn’t hide behind a student deferment during the Southeast Asian War Games. Nor did I then stay in a nice safe position in “community organising” and academia.

Too bad that you, Obama, can’t sit down and calmly answer our questions about your scheme. Until you do, and answer with the truth, you will have more and more Americans against you. Right now, Obama, I think you are a narrow-assed, pencil-necked punk. So, I ain’t skeered. Send your e-mails, I can hit the “delete” button.

Lord, this Obama bunch is dumber than a sack of used horseshoes.
.-= Peter´s last blog ..Dear Washington, Again. =-.

Peter August 12, 2009 at 5:39 pm

Sorry, that’s “skeerd” as in “if yer skeerd, say yer skeerd”.
.-= Peter´s last blog ..Dear Washington, Again. =-.

Conservative Pup August 12, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I don’t think they’re dumb, but I do think they are making major miscalculations about the character of the American people. I think they have their plans all laid out, and a timeline, and all that, but I don’t think they counted on the people. Because in their world, people don’t matter.

I like your wish, Peter, that he had gone to a public school in America. But, then he might not be making the mistakes he’s making now.

Good post, and thanks for posting the video. I love Megan K., she’s great, and I missed the news this morning. Glad to see it.
.-= Conservative Pup´s last blog ..Barbara Boxer’s Dress Code For Townhall Attendees…. =-.

terri from Iowa August 13, 2009 at 6:24 am

“Bass Ackward Land”–love that one! Reminds me of my favorite character in the Superman comics I used to read (being a child of the 50’s and all that…) “Bizzarro” and his world–as seen through the cracked mirror–seems to me to represent the present-day America. What was up is now down…

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