When the state owns you, it owns your data, too — why can't you see that?

by CynthiaYockey on August 6, 2009

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First it was the terms of service rules in the “Cash for Clunkers” program claiming ownership of participants’ computers AND all of their data.

Now, Pamela Geller reports at Atlas Shrugs:

“In extreme secrecy from the public, the Obama administration is hammering out an international treaty with other several other countries and the EU ……under ACTA, the government will get sweeping new powers to search and seize material thought to be in breach of copyright. But why all the secrecy? What it will do on a larger scale is let big brother watch you; however, this time on a completely different level.”

If you do not understand how totalitarianism works, the semi-legitimate excuse of copyright violation is the cover for the real intentions, which are getting to look for whatever they want AND taking away the individual’s sense of being entitled to privacy and free from such intrusive measures.

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Peter- August 6, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Well, about my data, he’s got the hard part done, he’s got it talked about. I don’t use drugs, except for the meds that keep me alive. I don’t steal, I don’t cheat on my taxes. I don’t even download music, bein’ pert’ near deaf and all. They want to come here I hope they don’t send real LEOs. Instead I hope they send those fat punks I saw pictures of during the campaign. Remember? Wearing what they thought was a military-type uniform doing what they thought were military-type calisthenics? I think it was called the Civilian Defense Corps or some such nonsense. Anyway, that’s who I want to come. We’ll see what happens then, but I bet they won’t like it much.

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