Palin for president in 2012

by CynthiaYockey on July 3, 2009

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Photo by Jeff Schultz of, Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Photo by Jeff Schultz of, Anchorage, Alaska.

My reaction to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement today that she will step down on July 25 is that I hope to God she will devote all her energy to winning the presidency in 2012.

My reaction to my newly fellow conservatives and Republicans is that with friends like you, her enemies can relax.

Sarah Palin is not just the best candidate we have now or can foresee. Sarah Palin is the BEST CANDIDATE WE HAVE HAD SINCE RONALD REAGAN! We have NO other candidate with Sarah Palin’s intelligence and charisma and qualifications to be president. DEAL! For heaven’s sakes, it’s time we get behind Gov. Palin and support her and pull together!

Does ANYONE think for even one second that if Sarah Palin had been sworn in as president on Jan. 20, 2009, instead of Obama, that we would have the stock market below 9,000 and unemployment at 9.5 percent? NO, WE WOULD NOT!

Why? Because Sarah Palin knew we were half-way through the recession in January and getting out of it did NOT require quadrupling the deficit!

If Sarah Palin were president RIGHT NOW, JUST THE WAY SHE IS, THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY instead of being on the brink of totalitarianism and socialism!

Smacks on the head as follows:

Ace of Spades HQ: “Sarah Palin Resigning July 25

Hot Air, Allahpundit: “Breaking: Palin to Resign Within Weeks? Update: Is Her Career Over?

Jonah Goldberg: “A Letter to Sarah Palin

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News, July 1, saying Gov. Palin needs to study more now but could be a serious candidate in the future, YouTube video here, partial transcript here.

This is a partial list. More to follow.

Update, 7/03/09: Smitty at The Other McCain is not up to the level of support for Gov. Palin that I favor, but I’ll take it as a sign some people are emerging from their fog: “Anyone on the Right should consider supporting Sarah Palin, if only from the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend standpoint.” Come toward the light, Smitty, come toward the light.

Update, 7/04/09: I should have known it would be dear, courageous Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs who would get it right that this is a beginning for Gov. Palin.

Update, 7/04/09: THIS is the time to rally to Gov. Palin:

Update, 7/05/09: See Kurt Schlichter at Big Hollywood, “The Force is with Sarah Palin“:

“… Remember when Darth Vader faced off with Obi-Wan Kenobi? ‘If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine?’ She’s now immune from bogus legal claims and her book will not only raise her profile but set up her family financially for life. Now Sarah is unbound, freed from the need to be up in Juneau and able to network, fundraise and even (maybe) campaign without limitation. And the modern media environment will let her do these things without even a nod to the mainstream media ….” (Go read the whole thing!)

Also, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, “Video: Matalin thinks Palin is ‘brilliant’ for resigning“:

[Republican strategist Mary Matalin on Gov. Palin:] On the substance, there’s the key economic issue — I know everyone says — thinks it’s health care, but it’s really energy. And she’s the queen of energy.

And the second big issue for 2012 will be the role of government. And she has a record of reform and ethics reform and making government smaller and reigning in spending — all those issues that are getting increasingly important as Barack Obama expands on his agenda.

Update, 7/10/09: I should have noticed sooner that James Joyner at Outside the Beltway scolded Charles Krauthammer on July 3 for his assertion that you can’t run a campaign on platitudes, which was directed at Gov. Palin, by pointing out that that is exactly what Obama did (and, for heaven’s sake, is it possible to have an emptier and more meaningless slogan than, “Hope and Change”?). He has a video clip of Krauthammer’s remarks with his rebuttal here.

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Rosita July 3, 2009 at 3:50 pm

I disagree, I think she’s irreperably damaged goods, ‘tho I’d take a bullet for her. I think she should be our honored Republican “muse,” and campaign for Republican candidates.
.-= Rosita´s last blog ..Use the Tea Parties for Networking. Get Names and Contact Info. Stay Connected. =-.

Cynthia Yockey July 3, 2009 at 4:09 pm


Didn’t you read Gateway Pundit’s list of how damaged some of the longest-serving Democrats are? Ted Kennedy let his mistress drown, or actually murdered her. Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and is not constitutionally eligible to hold the office he is in. Obama spent two weeks last year calling for the U.N. Security Council to do something about Russia invading Georgia — Russia is ON the Security Council and has veto power. Plus, Obama can’t name the number of states and his own secretary of defense.

Sarah Palin blew a couple of interviews. So what? She has everything it takes to be one of the best presidents this country has ever had. It is time we all rally to her because we are fighting for this country’s life. Circular firing squads are a luxury we can no longer afford.


CarolW July 3, 2009 at 4:46 pm

I concur, Cynthia.
I think she could beat the snot out of Obama and the Tucker Carlsons on the east coast. Go Sarah!

Peter July 3, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Trouble is the Republican National committee is more interested in driving those pesky social conservatives and plain conservatives out of the Party than they are interested in winning. Hell, the RNC hasn’t forvigen Reagan yet.

Cynthia Yockey July 3, 2009 at 5:48 pm


Don’t you have your RSS feed set up? You have a blog, but Comment Luv isn’t finding your last blog post to post it with your comment.

And it looks to me like Michael Steele is bosom buddies with the social conservatives who want to keep homosexuals as second class citizens.


smitty July 3, 2009 at 5:49 pm

Oh, I’m in the light, Cynthia. It’s just that my enthusiasm needs a little…discipline…from time to time.
It remains to be seen how many deals with the devil she’s forced to make.

Carolyn Tackett July 3, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Cynthia, you are spot on. Sarah Palin is by far our best hope for 2012. This is a smart move on her part. Her enemies have tried to keep her tied up with trumped up ethics charges. None of the complaints held water but they had to be defended anyway. Now Alaska can get back to state business and Sarah can concentrate on getting this country straightened out. She has my support all the way.

Vivian Louise July 3, 2009 at 6:41 pm

I’m totally sad and upset about it. I think she did it for the kids.
.-= Vivian Louise´s last blog ..Sarah Palin Resigns =-.

Ad rem July 3, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Peter’s stated the problem perfectly. The repubs seen to only know how to do one thing, circle the wagons and then commence shooting! As far as Michael Steel goes…..we wish he would go. For the crowd who thinks Palin is “damaged goods”…..GIVE ME A BREAK! Would you ever here a democrat referring to a fellow democrat in those terms…..NO! Wake up people….Palin has the dems practically wetting themselves, so buy a clue! A couple of spiked interviews, and we should run off dragging out tails ‘tween our legs? If that’s the way you think… deserve the crap you got! KUDOS sister Cynthia……

Gary Ogletree July 3, 2009 at 9:23 pm

The lady who draws the crowds deals the cards this time. Anyone hear of Auburn, NY? By the first week of the primaries the old farts in the GOP supper club will be asking to carry her bags. Mitt Romney would make a good working VP if he could refrain from sabatoging the boss. If you have the initiative and the energy, nothing beats being a free agent. We already have solid and able conservatives like James Inhofe in the Senate. She will have some excellent support for cleaning up the Congressional cess pool. Independence Day for Sarah and family. Good time to be thinking about our darling girl. USA!

Peter July 3, 2009 at 9:55 pm

Cynthia, I don’t even know what an RSS feed is. I know that sometimes my last post shows up here, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m no Internetz Expurt.

I did serve two full terms as a Republican Precinct Chairman, and was reelected to a third, had to resign halfway through when we moved to our retirement home. I do know that the Social or Christian Conservatives are much maligned, more so than they deserve. I also know that they are the ones that wear out their shoes walking precincts. They are the ones working the phone banks and stuffing envelopes.

The Libertarian Wing, not so much. I do not know how you plan on getting along with the SoCons, they will be an important part of Sarah’s reentry into politics.

I do know that Sarah vetoed that bill denying benefits to same sex couples in Civil Unions and was not savaged by the Christians. She was, however, savaged by teh gheys. Go figure.

BTW, I’m not stalking you, your blogroll is so durned useful I spend a lot of time clicking in and out. Let me know if I oughta shut up a little.
.-= Peter´s last blog ..What’s Next. Sarah? =-.

Cynthia Yockey July 3, 2009 at 10:39 pm


Make sure you enter your blog URL correctly so you’ll get linked. It may help to register with Comment Luv, which is free.

I am DELIGHTED that you find my blogroll useful! That’s exactly why it’s there! Please visit and use it as often as you like and ALWAYS feel welcome to comment to your heart’s content.


J Pazzesco July 3, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Kudos to Cuda! She’s a true citizen politician who made an unconventional choice, in a country polluted with career politicians who follow the playbook. As the Vanity Fair Hit Piece proved, campaign 2012 has already started and left has made it clear who the biggest threat to their agenda is, and it ain’t Mitt Romney.

I think it’s laughable how many of the talking heads and big-time bloggers just don’t get it. She’s not quitting, she’s beginning. Those accusing her of dereliction of duty as governor are idiots. She’s honoring the office. Sarah Palin isn’t leaving the stage, she’s setting it .
.-= J Pazzesco´s last blog ..Obligatory Palin Post =-.

Justin Case July 3, 2009 at 11:51 pm

I think she is starting a 2-3 year process of beefing up the resume to remove the “stigma” that she lacks national/international experience. This will become obvious over time. Watch who she meets with and where she travels over the next couple of years.

In the meantime, she can also beef up her personal bankroll with speaking engagements, books and personal appearances without worrying about any conflicts of interest as Governor. I think she also realized that pursuing these opportunities while staying in office would be a huge distraction. So in that sense, she is doing the right thing.

As for the comment that “Palin has the dems practically wetting themselves” — doubtful. They have gone after her because I think they enjoy attacking her. But I think they hope and pray she is the 2012 offering from the right.

.-= Justin Case´s last blog ..Palin Resigned: What Is She Up To Now? =-.

libhomo July 4, 2009 at 7:29 am

There are some things you fail to take into account.

1) The GOP will never nominate a woman for President.

2) Sarah Palin is a national laughing stock who pushes moderates and many sensible conservatives towards the Democrats.

3) If not for corruption in Alaska, Palin already would be serving a prison term for illegal activities as mayor of Wasilla and as Governor.

4) The real reason she left office is that she is facing a highly credible federal investigation on bribery charges.
.-= libhomo´s last blog ..Kucinich Wishes Progressive Democrats of America a Happy Birthday =-.

Cynthia Yockey July 4, 2009 at 12:58 pm


You know, it’s the darnedst thing that I could never get liberals to make good on promises of inclusion for my life partner and me. She was quadriplegic and it absolutely blew my mind that the lesbians I had to fight for over six years to get their conference to take place in a wheelchair-accessible venue were lesbians at the very top of the disability rights movement: Kate Seelman, Laura Einstein, Patricia Wright, Susan Silber, Chai Feldblum and Linda Saah.

As soon as I learned of Obama’s allegiance to anti-gay black churches, illegal immigrants and Islam, I knew immediately he would never ever support equality for homosexuals. Now he is the worst enemy we have, thanks to the DOMA brief and his refusal to support marriage equality for gays and lesbians and his refusal to get Congress to repeal DOMA and “don’t ask, don’t tell.” He campaigned with an ex-gay to warm up his crowds! How did that not tell you he would say anything and then do whatever he wants?

Since becoming Republican and conservative, I’ve learned that Republicans act on the ideals that liberals only give lip-service to, but they adapt them to their spiritual values. So — Gov. Palin is a successful politician who has the support of her husband and family for her career. Feminists should be cheering, but they don’t because of that spiritual adaptation: she is pro-life. (I am pro-choice, BTW.)

Regarding your Big Lie propaganda and lies about Gov. Palin’s ethics, I am going to continue to educate conservatives on why it’s important to answer false and frivolous attacks fast and hard. This will help make the political arena more courteous, and, I hope, more principled.

Peter July 4, 2009 at 2:10 pm

The more I think, and read, about Governor Palin’s impending resignation, the more I think she is just getting ready for a serious brawl with the dorks that kept piling bogus ethics complaint after bogus ethics compaint on her.

I really am getting very weary of those people, they pile on the bogus complainst, each one costing her family tens of thousands of dollars, and then they claim, “she’s damaged goods! Look at all the ethics complaints!”

In a just world these people would be screaming and writhing from a charge of buckshot in the lower belly.
.-= Peter´s last blog ..What’s Next. Sarah? =-.

sharmajee July 4, 2009 at 2:14 pm

I like this blog, this post specially. I love your layout, the graphics and your circle of commenters. Thanks!
ps: Your link to Pam Geller needs to be fixed.

Cynthia Yockey July 4, 2009 at 4:28 pm


Thank you! Also, thanks for the heads-up about the link — I fixed it.


bobsmith July 4, 2009 at 3:36 pm

“Does ANYONE think for even one second that if Sarah Palin had been sworn in as president on Jan. 20, 2009, instead of Obama, that we would have the stock market below 9,000 and unemployment at 9.5 percent? NO, WE WOULD NOT!
Why? Because Sarah Palin knew we were half-way through the recession in January and getting out of it did NOT require quadrupling the deficit!”

Sorry, but the larger deficits are not directly responsible for the stock market or unemployment. W more than quadrupled Clinton’s deficits and neither the markets nor unemployment were adversely affected.

Furthermore, there is a great difference of opinion on how far through the recession we are. I hope your rosy prediction is accurate, but there is still plenty to make one pessimistic.

Palin’s spirit may be admirable, but she hasn’t displayed the intellectual depth or grasp of issues necessary to defeat Romney, Gingrich or whoever; not to mention Obama were she to win the nomination.

Here’s to hoping that your “Palin for President in 2012” turns out just as successful as your “Fire David Letterman in 2009” campaign.

Cynthia Yockey July 4, 2009 at 4:24 pm


Obama quadrupled the deficit. Obama has caused the stock market to fall below 10,000 and unemployment to rise because his policies are socialist, not capitalist. Businesses thrive in a capitalist society. Socialist economies stagnate. That is the death spiral our economy is in now — the spinning down that accompanies creeping socialism.

Gov. Palin is a capitalist and a conservative. Our economy would be in much better shape if she were president right now instead of Obama. Also, she is a thousand times more qualified than Obama right now. She is a self-made woman and governor of a state. Until he became president, the only other full-time job Obama ever held was as a copy editor in his 20’s. The reason he thinks money comes from rich people, which is the sum total of his thoughts about economic theory, is that he’s never started a business or met a payroll. He does not know that wealth is created. He does not know how wealth is created. Gov. Palin not only knows that wealth is created, she understands how it is created.

The campaign to fire David Letterman began with Sebastian Gray at HillBuzz. He predicted that it would take persistent, consistent effort. We won’t be finished until Letterman is fired. You don’t know what else I have planned. Bwahahahahahahahaha!


Justin Case July 4, 2009 at 9:13 pm

Cynthia, you said: “Obama has caused the stock market to fall below 10,000”

Not true. Not even close to true. The market closed on Jan 20th at 7949.09. It closed Thursday at 8280.74. It fell below 10,000 back on October 3, 2008… well before the election.

I have to say, again, wanting something to be true does not make it true.

But a lot of this stuff in not really the fault of the President, Bush or Obama. It was the Fed’s loose money policies, overly ambitious deregulation and an industry of smart people outsmarting themselves by making a recipe for disaster — just add 1 part greed and 1 part stupidity. Mix well. And bake for a decade.

.-= Justin Case´s last blog ..Palin Resigned: What Is She Up To Now? =-.

Cynthia Yockey July 5, 2009 at 1:17 am

Justin Case,

You are not familiar with Gateway Pundit’s reporting on why the market suddenly tanked in September after two weeks of McCain/Palin trouncing Obama/Biden.

Obama is destroying the economy by loading us with debt, increasing taxes, adding more programs that will drive taxes up even higher and nationalizing industries. He is creating uncertainty, which business hates, because to thrive businesses must plan for the future. When they can’t see very far ahead, or don’t like what they see, the economy stagnates. To fix the stagnation he is causing, he proposes remedies of more government and less profit for businesses — these remedies will only make it much worse. Oh, and on top of that, Obama wants our energy bills to skyrocket. Obama inherited some problems, true, but he has managed to turn them into full-blown disasters with no end in sight — except that blessed day when he leaves the presidency and a grown-up like Gov. Palin who knows what an economy needs to grow and how to make our nation energy-independent takes over.

yoyo July 4, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Cynthia, did you not read her resignation speech? Or should I say, “Did YOU not read “her” resignation speech!!!?” Of all the unintellible drivel. Let’s leave aside the lack of grammar or the weird capital use or the 150 exclamation marks. This woman may have some good qualities, may, but she does not know how to express anything other than worn out cannards wrapped in a faux patriotic small town anti-intellectualism. Her followers are the very people who call your exwife your “friend” and that’s when they are trying to be polite.

Americans need respect allies and support internationally to get out of this global financial meltdown, the last thing you need is to be represented by someone who makes the rest of the world laugh at you.

Mind you, being gay is not a neccesary indicator of sense, I notice from your earlier comments that you are a “birther” and you support Pam “I never met a muslim I didn’t want to kill” Geller.

Cynthia Yockey July 5, 2009 at 12:52 am


“Your exwife”? My life partner died in 2004.

Camille Paglia defends Palin’s eloquence better than I can.

Barack Obama can barely talk without his Teleprompter. Also, foreign leaders are starting to recognize Obama for the socialist and sociopath and inept beginner that he is. This is not making us friends, except possibly among the leaders of other countries to whom he bows and scrapes and simpers like a school girl.

Barack Obama never released his birth records, or his long form birth certificate. Unlike his true believers, for whom his word is sufficient, I really have to see the proof he was born in Hawaii. Until he produces the proof, then, yes, I do find the allegations that he was born in Kenya to be plausible.

I’d also really love to see his medical records. All we got during the campaign was a note from his doctor. There are plausible rumors from Chicago that Obama was sexually active with men there. I’d like to know if he has been treated for any sexually-transmitted diseases, especially ones his wife doesn’t know about.

Ooh, ooh! While we’re at it — I’d love to see his college transcripts and ANYONE from one of his classes at Columbia who remembers him.

Pamela Geller is fighting Muslims who want to kill every non-Muslim and every Muslim who isn’t their brand of Muslim. A lot of them live in the U.S. now and they believe God requires them to kill lesbians and gays. They also believe women are property. And many Muslim countries force women to have their external genitalia amputated. They are bringing that tradition here, too. So, yes, I support her. The MSM are actively suppressing information people need to have to understand what a threat Islam and sharia are to the world. Pamela is one of a handful of people bravely getting this information out. I met her at CPAC and I like her. I have a better proposal for bringing peace to the Middle East than Pamela does and I think she’ll see the wisdom of it if we ever get to discuss it. But with all the terrible things Muslims say about Israel and Jews — to say nothing of the terrible things they do — I’m not going to condemn Pamela for her “right back atcha” attitude.

Red July 4, 2009 at 11:37 pm

I’ve always felt that because she is, without provocation, inciting such consistent vitriol from the Dims and their ilk, that she must be doing something right. I don’t think we have seen the last of her and believe her to be getting her game face on and calling for reinforcement. If only many other conservatives would show some backbone on her behalf and on behalf of the good of our country.
.-= Red´s last blog ..Letter to HuffPo Degenerate Hack erik sean nelson =-.

J Pazzesco July 4, 2009 at 11:47 pm

Hi Cynthia, loving your blog!

I had to reply because of your response to libhomo, “I’ve learned that Republicans act on the ideals that liberals only give lip-service to, but they adapt them to their spiritual values.” I’ve found that to be so true.

I come from a family of hard-core democrats & have struggled with political identification for most of my adult life. I’m a CAPITALIST, consider myself a social liberal/fiscal conservative & been a registered Libertarian since my late 20s. I’m finally ready to register as a Republican because of my disgust with Obama and his liberal cheerleaders.

I believe the current attacks on capitalism/freedom have given the GOP a real chance to grow the party & redefine conservatism. Obama’s rise has highlighted the left’s hypocrisy, especially on feminism & gay/human rights.

I believe that gay marriage should be embraced by conservatives. Two people entering a legal contract to care & be responsible for one another in a monogamous relationship sounds pretty damn conservative to me! I think Dick Cheney’s “Freedom, means freedom for everyone” and Ted Olson’s support of gay marriage is a great start.

When you hear democrat’s talking about supporting gay marriage it means they’re trying to get elected. When you hear conservative’s talking about it, it means REAL CHANGE is just around the corner.

I hope Sarah spends some time with Dick & Ted before writing her book. That’s all. Hope you had a great Fourth.
.-= J Pazzesco´s last blog ..Craiglist & Chick-N-Soup =-.

Otis Criblecoblis July 5, 2009 at 5:10 am

I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments regarding Sarah Palin. She indeed is the best representative of conservatism since Reagan. I am increasingly dismayed by the tendency of even reliable conservatives either to nitpick or damn her with faint praise, as if they alone were the arbiters of conservativism. I refer to people like Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg, who seem unaware of the fact that they are acting as useful idiots for the extreme Left. I wish they would understand that we are in a war for the soul of our country, and wartime is no time for supporting the embedded assumptions of the enemy.

Jack Kemp used to speak of the dangers of allowing consideration of the perfect to drive out the good. That, I believe, is what is happening among the otherwise dependable conservatives who have been fragging Sarah: instead of comparing her to the other 2012 GOP presidential candidates, they are comparing her to their conception of a perfect conservative candidate. Ironically, some of them then accuse Palin supporters of idealizing her–a clear case of projection if ever there was one.

I for one do not idealize Sarah Palin; I respect her for her spirit, skills and accomplishments. She has faced the kinds of personal dilemmas many of us have to face, and has done so unflinchingly. She has also faced a level of public abuse no one short of Hitler should have to, and she has shown that while she is courageous, she is not willing to be anybody’s doormat. In today’s world, this last quality is essential in a leader, and G.W.’s lack of said quality was his tragic failing.

All this notwithstanding, she faces a steep uphill battle if she wants to be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee because of the way the party is currently run. Even if she has enough grassroots support to overwhelm the country club wing that runs things now, she will have great difficulty getting enough delegates unless the GOP eliminates all open primaries. With milquetoast Michael Steele at the helm, this is unlikely to happen unless great pressure is applied towards this end from within the party.

Cynthia Yockey July 5, 2009 at 10:07 am

Otis Criblecoblis,

Yes! Thank you!

What is flabbergasting to me is how Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg, in their remarks that Gov. Palin isn’t ready to be president — wrong, wrong, wrong — gave the bungling beginner Obama a total pass concerning his own readiness, which I would rate, “By every possible measure, Obama will never, ever be ready to be president and will not improve during his tenure.”

Of the 2008 candidates, Gov. Palin alone had executive experience. Gov. Palin alone was a self-made success. Gov. Palin alone had a command of energy issues and a vision for how to make this country energy independent. Gov. Palin, in 2008, had the best vision for how to bring our economy back to prosperity. (She still does.) Gov. Palin alone was able to motivate people to connect with their own genius for improving their lives instead of looking to the stultifying mechanisms of government to help individuals. Gov. Palin alone had the best vision for how government must operate to create the conditions for individuals to make the most of their talents and opportunities.

In 2008, in terms of foreign affairs, Gov. Palin was ready to be president because she understands the positions the U.S. must take to have strong relationships with its friends and enemies who do not dare to defy her.

In contrast, Obama is clueless about foreign affairs and bows to rulers of other countries, is de-stabilizing the Middle East by abandoning and/or selling out Israel, has mortgaged the U.S. to China and other countries and is convincing them they will lose their money if they continue to bet in favor of the U.S., and who is weakening our military and emboldening our enemies.

Gov. Palin would be a much better president than Obama is RIGHT NOW.

PowerLifter July 5, 2009 at 11:53 am

I was thinking about Sarah Palin today and what we can do to fight the fact that the left feels free to launch savage and vicious attacks on her sexuality and her children while being shocked and appalled if any such attacks are sent their way. Also, the fact that many bloggers are now saying the left will feel even more comfortable treating other conservatives in the same way because they will view the resignation as an indication that their tactics are successful and will not be opposed.

I initially thought you were incorrect to continue the David Letterman campaign because he apologized (sort of) and because of free speech concerns. However, being as most conservatives are not yet ready to attack families and children, it seems to me continuing your campaign is one excellent way to show that future attacks will have consequences and will not be tolerated. I hope more entries are on the way from you about how we can continue the David Letterman campaign and about how firing up that campaign again is one way to show that many conservatives do not plan to be doormats anymore.

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