Why the Left hates Sarah Palin

by CynthiaYockey on June 13, 2009

Little Miss Attila has an excellent post on “Cold Fury on the Letterboy Flap,” where she drew my attention to Ric Locke’s musings at the Protein Wisdom Pub on why the Left hates Sarah Palin’s family:

Stereotype: Womyn® are good Progressive Democrats.
Reality: Sarah Palin is a Republican.

Stereotype: Only Democrats give power to Womyn®
Reality: Sarah Palin is not just a Governor, she’s Governor of a State where the Governor has real power.

Stereotype: All manly men are part of Teh Patriarchy, dedicated to preventing Womyn® from achievement and deeply resentful of anything resembling a subordinate position.
Reality: Todd Palin is a manly man with a manly occupation; nevertheless he seems quite cheerful and accepting that his wife’s occupation is much higher on the social scale than his.

Stereotype: Good Progressive Womyn® are supposed to abort their babies to prevent career difficulties, especially if they might have medical problems.
Reality: Sarah Palin has several (three?) children, the latest of which has Down’s Syndrome, and seems perfectly capable of handling her duties as Governor despite any child-care difficulties.

Stereotype:Patriarchal manly men don’t participate in child-rearing; they force the Womyn® in their lives to do it all, which is why Progressive Womyn® have to avoid childbearing if possible.
Reality: Todd Palin apparently participates wholeheartedly in child-rearing.

Stereotype: Winger dupes of the Patriarchy are supposed to be disgusted with childbearing out of wedlock, call such girls “sluts” etc., and cast them out.
Reality: Bristol Palin is an unwed mother. The Palin family (all of them, including Todd and the grandparents) has been supportive.

Well, having recently left the Left, I believe I have a valuable point to add, so I’m linking my post explaining why the Left is working so hard and fighting so dirty to destroy Sarah Palin and her family: “Save the wolves! Palin for president!“:

Totalitarian feminists were very busy during the presidential campaign fighting for the Obama/Biden ticket and its implacable allies in the Muslim and illegal alien community who believe women are property. They were busiest writing viral poison e-mails filled with plausible lies about Gov. Palin, which, in my opinion, were motivated by her decision – her “choice,” if you will – to bring her Down syndrome fetus to term and lovingly embrace him, special needs and all, just the way he is.

Since the Down syndrome baby is the boogie fetus that pro-choice advocates use to scare fence-sitters into their camp, a mother and family of a Down syndrome child who would model how to love and raise him to his fullest potential in the public spotlight was threat-level DEFCON 1 for destruction. (Note: DEFCON 1 is the highest threat status; DEFCON 5 is the lowest where everything is safe.)

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