'That's why they call it 'pro-stitution''

by CynthiaYockey on June 9, 2009

The U.S. Labor Department announced Friday, June 5, that the national unemployment rate hit 9.4 percent in May, the highest level since 1983.

Iowahawk has the scoop on the “Hope” and “Change” Obama’s economic policies have created for some of America’s former wage slaves, who have never in their lives experienced a major economic downtown and believed they were a thing of the past. He reports that now they are our nation’s newest, youngest, savviest entrepreneurs:

“I used to talk a lot about living a ‘greener lifestyle,’ and now I’m finally doing it,” she [Martinez] said. “I’ve given up my car and I’m spending almost all of my time outdoors, surrounded by the beauty and insects of nature. And when I haven’t eaten in four or five days, I can look up into the sun and see angels. It’s very spiritual.”

In related news, Rasmussen Reports noted on Monday, June 8, that for the first time in two years, more people now trust the Republican Party more than the Democrats to handle the nation’s economy well, with 45 percent trusting the Republicans more and 39 percent trusting the Democrats more, according to a recent national telephone survey.

Reprise of my post from April 16:

Santa’s workshop while Obama is president:

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Kelly June 10, 2009 at 1:12 pm

I generally only find one reason that my homo bros and sistahs are conservative…because they are classist. Conservatism focuses on the “beautiful” past, not the future, and on making sure you keep what’s yours, not ensuring that we care for those around us. My 2 cents.

How in the heck can you blame 9.4% unemployment and the economic downturn on a man who’s been in office 6 months? I mean it took George W. 8 years to fuck it all up? Regardless, I’m surprised anyone wants the thankless job of being Pres to a country full of ungrateful complainers…

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Cynthia Yockey June 10, 2009 at 3:49 pm


Homosexuals are so discriminated against in so many ways that many of us have to be entrepreneurs to make our way in the world. This makes us the natural constituents of fiscal conservatism because that supports the economic theories that allow entrepreneurs to thrive.

Obama is to blame for the economic downtown and high unemployment because of the vast amount of debt he is drowning our economy in, his nationalization of banking and the auto industries with more certainly to come, his love of high taxes, all of his beliefs and proposals that are unfriendly to business and his weakening of our armed forces and defense programs. If John McCain and Sarah Palin meant a third term of Bush and were in office now, the stock market would still in the 10,000 range or better, and businesses would be prospering because they would know they could trust their president and plan for the future. Instead, we have Carter’s second term, or worse. On top of that, Obama is not delivering on a single promise to homosexuals AND he opposes gay marriage.


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