I'm OK with the whole outing gestalt

by CynthiaYockey on June 7, 2009

My take is that sunshine improves the level of discourse. I came out as a lesbian at the age of 18 in 1972, when it was dangerous and even life-threatening, so I know something about it.

However, I do LOVE it that the animus against conservativism by liberals, which does force conservatives to lie about who they really are and dissimulate as homosexuals still must do, gives them (us) a taste of the bitter medicine that is so much easier to give than to receive.

On the subject of outing today, Prof. William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection, deliciously skewers a Leftist blogger who favors outing his enemies and opposes outing his friends. Hmmmm. There’s a word for that, and I’m sure it will come to me. Oh, right: hypocrisy.


I spotted this story from an e-mail from Prof. Jacobson and decided to post about it before visiting his blog for the Permalink. And what should I find when I arrive? He has honored my post, ” ‘Conservative lesbian’ breaks Wikio” as “Post of the Day.” I am blushing and very grateful for the honor. Thank you, professor! And welcome, Legal Insurrection readers!


When I first posted this around noon, I was in a hurry to get my heirloom tomatoes planted today because rain is predicted tomorrow and the rest of the week. The controversy evolved while I was working in my garden. So now it’s almost midnight and I’ve read up a bit more on the controversy. I would like to clarify that Prof. Jacobson addressed the hypocrisy of one of the defenders of the outed liberal blogger, not the outed blogger himself.

I was surprised to see that the outed blogger, Publius, blogs at Obsidian Wings, which I recently linked for a post from another blogger there, Edward (no last name), about Virginia’s recent law aimed at barring homosexual couples from making contracts with one another that would duplicate rights associated with marriage, such as a durable medical power-of-attorney. I just found this, from Publius himself on Iowa’s decision to allow gay marriage, and I am pleasantly surprised that he is a straight man calling for equality for homosexuals even if it is gained through the courts.

Although I despise attacking others from the safety of anonymity — except for critics of Islam, who could be murdered — upon mature consideration, while I do not feel any outrage on behalf of Publius, it does seem that Ed Whelan needs to toughen up and if National Review Online fires him for this breach I won’t feel any outrage on his behalf, either.

For more on this story, I recommend:

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