Now YOU can write Obama's speeches in the comfort of your own home!

by CynthiaYockey on June 5, 2009

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I find listening to Obama’s speeches excruciating because the disconnect between what he says and what he does annoys me. During the election, I also found fault with my liberal friends’ method of researching his qualifications for the presidency — or any full-time job — which was to listen to Obama talk and believe every word he said.

I also am flabbergasted that more people don’t see through one of Obama’s principle techniques for bullying people when they are upset with his contradictions and broken promises and outright callous disregard for everyone except himself. He uses his frowny face and most superior manner and scornful voice — all of which reliably cow self-doubting idealists — then he firmly states short, declarative sentences that are true and relevant to the general topic, but which avoid the actual problem altogether. However, because he is so forceful in declaring his evasion to be THE answer — which it never is — too many people think, “Wow! That must have been the answer.” When it was not.

I rejoice, therefore, that Benjamin Sarlin, a liberal blogger at a liberal blog has spotted a different, but related, pattern in Obama’s speeches. I hope this is a harbinger that liberals finally are starting to see the disconnect between everything Obama says and everything Obama does: first he says what he thinks people who oppose his real plans want to hear, then as soon as they have relaxed and stopped paying attention, he does whatever he wants, which is usually the opposite of what he said he’d do.

Anyway, here it is, your own DIY Obama Speech Toolkit, so now YOU, too, can write Obama’s speeches in the comfort of your own home!

(Teleprompter sold separately, batteries not included.)

Update: Prof. William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection also de-constructed Obama’s rhetorical flim-flammery today:

Obama loves strawman arguments. His favorite form of argument is to set up false choices, and false equivalencies to make his point. Frequently, Obama uses the device of what “some say” or similar words to accomplish his phony set-up.

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