Mother's Day and Marie Osmond's lesbian daughter

by CynthiaYockey on May 10, 2009

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Marie Osmond modeled how a devout Christian mother should behave toward her openly lesbian daughter — with respect, love and support. She asserts her own beliefs but also supports her daughter in being herself and speaking for herself. She is not letting anyone shame her or her daughter. Those are real family values.

AfterEllen has the story and photos.

Here’s the part of the interview of Marie Osmond from Monday, May 4, 2009, with Mark Wallengren of KOST 103.5 FM Los Angeles, that is about her lesbian daughter, Jessica:

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Lone Flamingo May 11, 2009 at 1:27 am

thank you so much for posting that interview, cynthia. i’m 52 and grew up loving the osmonds, and had alternate crushes on donny and marie (you know, during those difficult sorting out years). i never thought about their religious beliefs. i’ve always had an immense respect for marie and it has grown exponentially. wow. you made my night and i can’t wait to share it with my mom, who, by the way, has been THE most awesome supportive person throughout my life, and especially during those difficult coming out years. it made the difference between life and death – literally. when i finally came out to her when i was 25, she was so sad. why? not because i was a lesbian, but because i didn’t trust her love enough to tell her much earlier. she was sad that i had to go through all my pain and suffering without her support and alone. we’ve always been very close, but given what i’d seen other kids go through with their parents, i couldn’t risk losing the most important person in my life so i kept my feelings to myself. i feel so sorry for kids in ultra religious homes. religious zealots do not realize how deeply their narrow-minded beliefs hurt their children. thankfully, there are mothers like marie and mine out there, but until the day comes when lesbian and gay children are just accepted by their parents as easily as children born male or female, there will always be sad stories. hopefully this story will get out and marie can show the way of enlightenment and the true meaning of love to the narrow-minded folk.

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