It's the first thing we think of because so often it is true

by CynthiaYockey on May 7, 2009

Over at Hot Air Allahpundit has a short piece on the gossip blog TMZ publicizing details of the divorce papers from Carrie Prejean’s parents. Apparently it was quite the dirty fight and included back-and-forths about who was gay or had gay friends or relatives.

Allah writes:

Usually the very first bit of mud to be thrown at a conservative critical of gays is the charge that they’re gay themselves and are channeling their denial into “hate.”

Actually, Allah, we say that because it is so often true — just click your heels together three times and say, “Robert Bauman, Robert Bauman, Robert Bauman” — or “Ted Haggard, Ted Haggard, Ted Haggard” or “Barbara Mikulski, Barbara Mikulski, Barbara Mikulski” — but I don’t think we say they are channeling their denial into hate. That’s because what we really see them doing is channeling their denial into passing as straight in order to obtain the perks that people in the U.S. with ALL their civil rights enjoy. Lots of lesbians and gays do this by getting married. But some take it to extremes and found anti-gay organizations or take anti-gay political stances.

We are not making up this charge about them. These closeted gays come to us as parasites and predators in order to get laid, so we see both their identities while you do not. There are still gays and gay organizations who pledge to keep their secret and let them do their work of destroying the lives of innocent people by fighting to deny equal rights to lesbians and gays and of encouraging parents to throw out their lesbian and gay children — as Alan Keyes did to his lesbian teenage daughter Maya in 2005 for the crime of addressing a Maryland rally about the life-threatening consequences to gay and lesbian teens of being thrown out by their parents — all for the BEING crime of homosexuality. As long as these lesbians and gays and their organizations promise anti-gay closeted gays complicity in hiding their true sexual orientation — the latest one to announce this policy is GOProud — it looks like we’ll have a steady supply of this type of destructive duplicity for the foreseeable future.

I find one of the rationales for this to be just plain crazy — that your personal life has nothing to do with your professional life. Huh? Try establishing rapport with anyone without being able to say anything about your personal life. It’s difficult-to-impossible. Imagine having to police every word you say and everything you do so you don’t give out information about your dating life or life partner. Wear a wedding ring and see how many conversations new acquaintances and clients use it to start the process of getting to know you. If your personal life is so private, no one should wear wedding rings! Imagine straight politicians never using their families to establish what regular Joes or Janes they are. The thing that is nobody’s business about your personal life is that no one should get a vote to make you a second-class citizen for the BEING crime of homosexuality.

Update, May 9: Little Miss Attila objects to outing and I clarify my remarks above in my comment on her post. I thought she was reacting to another recent post I wrote about the move Outrage, but she was addressing the one above.

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