HillBuzz talked to Michael Steele about ACORN

by CynthiaYockey on April 19, 2009

HillBuzz is a blog by a group of gay men in Chicago who worked to get Hillary the nomination and got so mad about all of the dirty deeds Obama did to steal it that they worked hard and made many sacrifices to campaign for the McCain/Palin ticket. I love them with all my heart.

I don’t think conservatives follow HillBuzz as closely as they deserve, so I want to share a bit of something I just read from their April 15 “Open Thread” post on attending a meeting with Michael Steele. Here’s a sample — and be aware, these guys were on the road for Hillary and had to cope with ACORN when Obama was using it against her:

We brought ACORN up to Steele – and wow, he HIT THAT OUT OF THE PARK. At dinner, there were about 40 people in the room, and Steele asked us what’s a concern we have here in Illinois, and we related to him our experiences with ACORN/Obama’s tagteam in not only Iowa, Texas, and other states in the primaries, but during the General Election as well. We told him how important it is to take ACORN on, and to basically treat it like the cancer that it is for our democracy. ACORN, in our opinion, is practically a terrorist group.

Well, Steele blew us away, because he said the first thing he did when he became Chairman was to tell the RNC’s lawyers that they need to stop waiting around to defend against frivilous lawsuits crazy people file against the GOP every day and start attacking ACORN in court in every single state until ACORN is completely dismantled. Steele reminded everyone that Obama taught ACORN a lot of its tricks when he was a community organizer, and he used ACORN as a defacto arm of his campaign in 2008. Republicans have never fought back – and have allowed Democrats to use ACORN to do nasty, rotten things that the DNC can’t directly do. It is time to strike back and put ACORN on the run. Steele is outraged that Obama wants ACORN to run the US Census. It was crystal clear he plans on doing what should have been done years ago: putting ACORN out of business.

There’s more that’s well worth reading here.

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RobCon April 19, 2009 at 8:38 am

Just discovered your blog via Michelle Malkin. Nice work.
I discovered HillBuzz a few months ago and I really do admire those guys being a “former” Democrat myself however I feel they tend to worship Hillary while they deride those who worship Obama.
It is great to see gays and lesbians slowly leaving the Democrat plantation and and flying their more conservative stripes when appropriate for them. good on ya!

Cynthia Yockey April 19, 2009 at 11:30 am


Thank you for your kind praise. I’m glad you discovered HillBuzz already. I would like to draw some distinctions between their adoration of Hillary and the worship of Obama as Messiah. First, please go to my “Barack Obama” category and read my early posts about his sociopathy, which explain why he promises mutually exclusive things so he is pleasing to everyone and gets their money and power while reneging on his promises — except the ones to bankrupt the U.S., wipe out entrepreneurs and small businesspeople, weaken our military, abandon Israel and open our borders. The presidency is the first job Obama has had to work at full-time since he was a copy editor in his 20’s.

In contrast, Hillary has worked hard ALL HER LIFE and earned everything she’s achieved. We would be much safer as a country if Hillary were president — or if Sarah Palin were president — than Obama. That’s because both women are smart, have real principles, keep their promises and earn their way.

So Hillary and Sarah Palin both have earned and deserve the devotion they receive from the HillBuzz men, in my opinion. And I love the fact that they are able to be devoted and that they give their devotion intelligently and steadfastly. There really is a lot to respect, love and admire over at HillBuzz.

Oh — I learned this week that 30 percent of lesbians and gays voted for McCain/Palin! How cool is that? Due to the discrimination we experience, we are a resourceful, self-reliant and entrepreneurial group, which makes us natural fiscal conservatives. It rather tickles me to envision a CPAC of the future with booths emblazoned with slogans like, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re fiscal conservatives, get used to it!” It’s a little clumsy as a chant, though. 🙂


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