You learn the most interesting things about Obama at HillBuzz

by CynthiaYockey on March 20, 2009

I dearly love those nice young gay men at HillBuzz and read them every day. They poured out their hearts and bank accounts and traveled to many states campaigning for McCain/Palin, so show some respect, please.

Since they live in Chicago and know Obama from WAY back, they regularly provide the most interesting details on what he is really like. They are dishing today as payback for Obama’s snotty remark on Leno comparing his bowling to Special Olympics. Go. Read. Don’t worry — it doesn’t mean you’re a Democrat if you start liking them, too.

Update: Obama’s “Special Olympics” remark also got him some free one-liners from Jim Treacher.

Update: Memeorandum is ALL OVER the Obama “Special Olympics” gaffe — it’s their top story this morning. Go here for the round-up.

Update: Now Smitty is piling on over at The Other McCain and The Anchoress has the round-up on “Obama sans teleprompter.”

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