Phaeton: the myth of Obama

by CynthiaYockey on February 12, 2009

Peter Paul Rubens, &ldquot;The Fall of Phaeton,&rdquot; c. 1604/1605, probably reworked c. 1606/1608

Peter Paul Rubens, ‘The Fall of Phaeton,’ c. 1604/1605, probably reworked c. 1606/1608

I am surprised that so far no one has picked up on the similarity of Obama’s narrative to the one in Greek mythology of Phaeton, whose mother was an Ethiopian and whose father was Helios, the god of the sun. Like Obama, Phaeton succeeded in getting himself in charge of something for which he had no experience and lacked the strength and wisdom to do properly–governing the horses of the chariot of the sun in their daily course through the zodiac and across the sky–with results that were disastrous for the entire world. Oh, and for Phaeton, the chariot and the horses, too.

Summaries of the story are here, and at Wikipedia, here.

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