Unpacking the Serenity Prayer

by CynthiaYockey on November 5, 2010

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  • I R A Darth Aggie

    Defective. I don’t see the path to Val-U-Rite vodka…

  • Janis

    That’s interesting. I admit, I have a bit of a hostile, kneejerk reaction against the serenity prayer. I’ve heard it quoted at me by too many smug, wealthy people as if there is a period after “the things you cannot change.”

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  • Yes. I’m all about that chart. Will be putting on poster board and mounting it in my bedroom where it will be the first thing I see upon opening my eyes.

  • Thanks for posting this! When I was writing a book on The Wisdom to Know the Difference, I thought of organizing it more or less like this chart. As I started interviewing people, however, I realized that often courage and serenity are intertwined, and it’s only after we’ve accepted our situation that we can see what we’re called to do next.

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