What a friend we have in Jesus

by CynthiaYockey on June 7, 2010

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  • smitty

    You do realize that is a reference to Solomon, Proverbs 3:5 to be exact. 😉

    • smitty,

      Yes — but Jesus’s hymn was more catchy, so he got the gig.

      I posted this while I was on hold with a doctor’s office and didn’t feel like spending the extra time to come up with a headline from the Old Testament to match the quote historically because Dad was hungry and I had to make him something to eat.


  • Amy

    LOL!!! I was just on FailBook and saw this…bless his/her heart.

  • Rick

    Cynthia, I love your way of thinking. I am a conservative, and a Christian. I am also glad that your sexuality doesn’t determine your political views. Those issues are yours personal, the same as mine are. Common sense, and facts should be the determining factor. I have many gay friends and they have a tendency to be liberals, and they are highly educated, inteligent and kind people. I wish I knew why? Perhaps some of the bigotry coming from some of the ultra right places , pushes them to embrace liberalism. I want smaller governments, pay less taxes, and the elimination of programs that do not help but create an underclass, hooked on handouts instead of relying on themselves, and thus becoming better individuals. Finaly there is ignorance on both sides, some of that can be seen in the bigotry against gays, and some of the positions on the ilegal immigration issue, there is ignorance on both extremes.
    Take it easy

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