Happy 94th birthday, Dad!

by CynthiaYockey on April 15, 2010

Hubert P. Yockey standing next to an heirloom tomato plant and holding an heirloom tomato.

Hubert P. Yockey with an heirloom tomato from my garden in the summer of 2008.

Hubert P. Yockey with his favorite cat, Remington.

Hubert P. Yockey sitting on the porch with his favorite cat, Remington, and listening to music on his MP3 player while I worked on my heirloom tomato plants. Yes, that DOES mean they were in the front yard.

Hubert P. Yockey, wearing his University of California at Berkeley rugby letter jacket, on a chilly evening at an Ironbirds minor league baseball game in Aberdeen, Maryland, in the summer of 2009.

Hubert P. Yockey, wearing his University of California at Berkeley rugby letter jacket, at the March 2010 concert by the Bel Air Community Band at the new Bel Air High School, in, you guessed it, Bel Air, Maryland.

My father is Hubert P. Yockey and today, April 15, 2010, is his 94th birthday. His cardiologist today cleared him to make it to at least 100. I’ve got to run to take photos at Bel Air’s Tea Party protest — on the same Main Street walked by John Wilkes Booth, in front of the county courthouse where he and his brother Edwin performed Shakespeare — but I wanted to get some photos posted and wish him a happy 94th birthday. (Remington is Dad’s favorite cat and sees him to bed every night.)

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  • Ed Nutter

    Whew! Happy Birthday to yer Dad. My Mom is only turned 92 a couple of weeks ago. I like your Dad’s tee shirt in the top photo, except I use the Mac flavor of Unix for development too.

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Happy Birthday, Hubert! Wow – so wonderful to see a current photo of your Dad, Cynthia! I can see his face in yours. My maternal grandmother will be 95 in December, and she is still quite mobile and her mind is sharp – just saw her this past Sunday. How fabulous to live to a ripe old age in decent health and continue to savor life. Your Dad’s an inspiration, as is my grandmother.

    • Mark J. Koenig

      Thank you, Mark! Dad had a busy and very pleasant day. He just went to bed, so I will give him your regards in the morning. Tell your grandma we send our best wishes to her!


  • Cynthia,

    My best wishes to your dad! He looks great, I would not have guessed he is 94. My own father is 91; we’re lucky to have them. Happy Birthday to him.

    You’re a good woman.
    .-= Conservative Pup´s last blog ..Rest In Peace, Dixie Carter =-.

  • Amy

    Well, Happy Birthday Mr. Yockey! You have excellent taste in cats…I’ve always loved a good black and white (they are second best, after orange cats), your Remington looks to be a real smooch.

    Has anyone ever told you your daughter looks just like you?

    Best wishes and many happy returns!

    • Conservative Pup and Amy,

      Thank you! I’ll show my dad your comments!

      Remington is a genius among cats and a love puss. He is Beauregard’s brother. We usually have an orange puss, but our dear Barbara died suddenly in 2008 of kidney disease.

      If you click on the link for my father’s name, in the rotating photo frame, you’ll see that both my parents look like movie stars, so I couldn’t miss, looks-wise, either way.


  • Well, a belated happy birthday to a guy who helped with two wonderful inventions, the A-Bomb and Cynthia. Not a bad record.
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..Bugz And Gas! =-.

  • Bernie

    Congratulations to your dad on his 94th birthday. May he have many happy, healthy years ahead of him.

    I couldn’t help but notice how big that cat looks compared to your dad. That appears to me to be one very well fed kitty. Does the cat do guard duty as an attack cat?

    • Bernie,

      Remington is well-nourished but average weight for his size — not fat, not skinny, just right. And, yes, he IS his grandpa’s fierce protector. Every night, Remington sees his grandpa to bed and then sleeps at the top of the stairs to guard his people and his home. He did this so consistently that I had to make him a cat bed nest there so he would be more comfortable and cozy.

      Remington’s brother, Beauregard, weighs about 22 pounds and would benefit from slimming off about four of those. We can’t really put the Big Beau Boo on a diet since we have a multi-cat household. You can kill a fat cat with a crash diet or fasting — just 24 hours of that and the metabolites overwhelm the liver and unless you have at least $1,000 to put into veterinary care, you have a dead cat. The condition is called lipidosis.


  • Liz

    Happy birthday to your Dad, Cynthia. (And, BTW, I can certainly see the family resemblance.) It’s wonderful that people can live into their nineties and even hundreds these days.

  • Ad rem

    Happy birthday….tall, gray, and handsome! 😉

    How does it feel to share your birthday with the IRS? (My birthday was yesterday, and every birthday I can remember has been shared with a dining room table cluttered with tax papers and a birthday cake.)

    You look amazing…….and, it was nice of you to share your good looks with your daughter too!

  • MissTammy

    Happy belated birthday, Sir! Enjoy many more!!!!

    • Miss Tammy, Ad rem, and Liz,

      Thank you! And Ad rem, happy birthday to you! I will show Dad the post and new birthday wishes tomorrow morning!


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