The straight, white male I can get behind for nomination to the Supreme Court is …

by CynthiaYockey on April 12, 2010

Wait, that didn’t come out right.

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  • smitty

    11th hour, Hillary Clinton nomination, surprising alterations in her personal arrangements?
    Just sayin’.

    • smitty,

      I think Hillary would be a brilliant choice. I also think Obama would never choose her because of the honor and status it would give her. His narcissism would never allow it. Also, I think he is looking for an anti-gay Leftist.


  • I R A Darth Aggie

    Thanks for the vote of confidence…wait, you’re not supporting me?

    Oh, the outrage!

  • Faith Walton

    I think Hillary wants to keep her options open for 2012. Also, O will choose someone as young as possible to wring 50 more years of liberalism out of his nominee.

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