You know who should be live blogging the SOTU? Republican members of Congress! THAT would be TEH AWESOME!!!

by CynthiaYockey on January 27, 2010



(H/T a commenter at Perfunction, which has other versions of this photo from the White House’s Flickr feed that are just as hilarious. Via Ace.)

I just read Michelle Malkin’s post that Joe Wilson will be the first member of Congress to answer a State of the Union address with a live video post from his Facebook page. You may recall Joe Wilson, who is an immigration attorney, shouted “You lie!” when Obama addressed Congress and told them falsely that the proposed health care legislation would not provide healthcare to illegal immigrants.

But it occurred to me that the people who OUGHT to be liveblogging Obama’s State of the Union address are the Republican members of Congress. How freakin’ AWESOME would it be if each and every one of them were on his or her Twitter or Facebook account liveblogging their reactions? OMG!

Michael Steele — why do we conservative bloggers have to keep thinking of these things FOR YOU?


I’m planning to live blog the SOTU tonight at Newsreal.

Update, 1/27/2010, Wed.:

Thanks, Stacy, for the link, although I have to say your headline announcing Vodkapundit will be drunkblogging the SOTU is, um, so very “dog bites man.”

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