Charles Johnson outraged that a Democrat's photo attempt to prove Obama ever had a real job before becoming president is a PhotoShop

by CynthiaYockey on January 2, 2010

Really. He’s threatening legal action and everything. Ace has the story.

[Shoulders shaking, church guffaw about to burst out.]

Update, 1/2/2010, Sat.:

Patterico, too: but ask dear Little Miss Attila, who also explains here why he might not be buying her a drink at this year’s CPAC.

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  • Awesome title!
    .-= smitty´s last blog ..WE’VE MOVED! =-.

  • I am pretty sure I remembered seeing a photoshop of Obama shining Hillary’s shoes back during the Primaries, too. Personally I am damned tired of idiots like Chaz automatic asumption that, because it is racist it must be right wing. Since the right is the side of individualism we do not tend to think in groups. If there is a black guy I don’t like it’s a guy I don’t like, not black people. If it’s a woman I don’t like it is not women. And so forth.

    It is the left that is the party of groups and that is where racism lives.

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  • Attmay

    Has anyone NOT been banned from his web site?

  • SFGoth

    I was a regular at LGF for about a year. Haven’t been there in awhile. Charles has done the exact same thing Andrew Sullivan did, only later. That is, push back so hard to show that you’re a fair-minded, secular, enlightened conservative that you actually move left and gain strange, new bedfellows. I wish him well, but he isn’t the same CJ that he was until Obama became pres. Gotta prove so hard he’s not a Right Winger.

  • Attmay has a good point.

    I’m pretty sure at least 4 out of 5 “Lizards” are actually Chuckle’s own split personalities.

    And he’s banned all the voices in his head that don’t toe the line.

  • Ad rem

    Oh Cynthia……wherefore art thou? Three days is a long time to go without my daily dose of your wit and wisdom!

    • Ad rem,

      What wonderful praise! Thank you. See the newest post for an update.


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