I am a finalist for Grande Conservative Blogress at Gay Patriot — voting has started

by CynthiaYockey on December 22, 2009

Who should be the Grande Conservative Blogress Diva for 2010?
Cynthia Yockey (A Conservative Lesbian)
The Anchoress
Michelle Malkin
Ann Althouse
Jennifer Rubin (Commentary Contentions)
Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)
Tammy Bruce
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Update, 12/29/2009, Tues.: Welcome, gentle HillBuzz readers, and thank you, HillBuzz, for endorsing me for Grande Conservative Bloggress Diva! I read HillBuzz every day, but had no idea my dear HillBuzz boyz read my blog regularly, too. THAT is the highest praise! Thank you!

Gentle readers, amazing news! I am a finalist for Grande Conservative Blogress 2010 at Gay Patriot! Gentle readers, please vote for me early and often (you can vote every day from each computer you own until noon, EST, on Dec. 31).

I have to make my father’s breakfast now, but soon I’ll be listing my most important posts for new readers to get acquainted with me AND the reasons why Gay Patriot, and conservative readers, should select me as Grande Conservative Blogress 2010 — even in so august a group.


I spent the afternoon re-writing the lyrics to the song Ethel Merman first made famous from the 1959 production of “Gypsy Rose Lee”: “Everything’s coming up roses.” If I have the nerve, and the voice, I’ll make a YouTube video and post it here as part of my campaign for Grande Conservative Blogress.

OK, so here are some sample posts for new gentle readers:

Gay marriage/same-sex marriage equality:

Gay marriage“: on my relationship of over 20 years with my late life partner, Margaret Ardussi, who had multiple sclerosis and was quadriplegic for the last 10 years of her life.

I remember you“: I’m providing this link from the fifth anniversary of Margaret’s death for the comments more than the post itself.

Gays are the natural constituents of fiscal conservatism:

How to turn around blighted neighborhoods for free the conservative way.”

Equality for homosexuals:

Equality for homosexuals is as American as apple pie.

And to think, just 40-some years ago, EMU expelled my lover for being a lesbian.

Homosexual equality has nothing to do with slippery slopes.

On Obama:

Dr. Hanson, I can tell you why Obama just makes stuff up“: This post is an overview of how Obama matches the description of a high-functioning sociopath and links three of my earlier posts, which explain this in more detail, along with an explanation of why ridicule is such an effective tool against Obama’s destructive programs.

Gays, lesbians: what this means is, Obama will never support homosexual equality.


How Stacy McCain became irresistible to women.” (Note to new readers: Stacy and I became friends after this post. He is a good sport and takes my occasional shellackings like a pro. I don’t think there’s anyone more supportive to new conservative bloggers than Stacy — his eye is on the sparrow.)

How Robert Stacy McCain became irresistible to men.

First Lady Michelle Obama unites the beauty of Eleanor Roosevelt with the style of Mamie Eisenhower and the warmth and charm of Mary Todd Lincoln.

How increasing the tax burden affects the small business owner.

So now we’re the LGBTQS community.

How Obama’s presidency will really end.

Obama, the economy, and that creek he’s led us up.


Remembering my friend, Alan Scherr, murdered in the Mumbai massacre, and the Maharishi Effect.” (Published at Newsreal and cross-published here.)

Phyllis Chesler punksmacks Naomi Wolf — couldn’t happen to a nicer girl.

Sarah Palin

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is

Yo! Krauthammer! Jonah Goldberg! Palin would be a better president RIGHT NOW than Obama ever will be.

Stop the lies about Sarah Palin.

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