Bitchslap for John Aravosis: Democrats are losing on healthcare reform because their proposals stink — it's not a leadership thang, you fool

by CynthiaYockey on December 15, 2009

H/T for the video to Kathy Shaidle. Note to visiting HillBuzzers: clearly Bob Hope is referring only to Dr. Utopia Democrats.

Dear Moe Lane drew my attention to the rant by John Aravosis at Americablog against the Democratic leadership for not being able to get the ever-changing and sometimes top secret healthcare reform legislation through the Senate without thorough consideration and debate or consultation with constituents, quick-quick-quick, so that, before Christmas, we can nationalize one-sixth of the U.S. economy and consummate our transformation from a dynamic capitalistic and meritocratic democratic republic that is the financial engine of the global economy to a stagnant, socialistic tyranny of a tiny elite who exert their power through the fell ministrations of self-serving bureaucrats.

Surely, Mr. Aravosis is saying, when you can choose to go from such a paradise to such a hell, the only reason to decline is because of weak leaders.

So — bitchslap — with bonus cluebat — for John Aravosis: while he clearly believes everything he’s been told to believe about the healthcare reform bill — for example, that it IS a healthcare reform bill when it is nothing of the sort — for heaven’s sake, did he bother AT ALL to read the proposals or any real analyses of them such as the fine work of Prof. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection? — THE PROBLEM IS WITH THE BILL, not the leadership. The legislation itself is bad, and the more people look at the havoc it will wreak on our healthcare system AND our capitalistic democratic republic — the more they oppose it.

So I would like to reassure John that the Democratic leadership he is maligning is indeed crafty and ruthless and utterly unburdened by any considerations of conscience or ethics in the pursuit of their goals, so maybe they will get their healthcare reform/rationing/socialistic takeover bill enacted yet. But right now, deprived as they are of the army Obama has called for to operate against civilians within our borders in order to impose their will, we have just enough rule of law remaining for Democrats to fear defeat in 2010 because God forbid they should have to start looking for REAL jobs in an economy suffering from the stagnation they have done so much to create.

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