Jon Stewart shellacks CNN's factcheck of SNL's Obama skit

by CynthiaYockey on October 15, 2009

I still have not forgiven Jon Stewart for his deranged rant against Gov. Sarah Palin last year. I definitely will never let him live it down. But this helps:

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  • I Call BS

    I’m participating in an interesting discussion over at Villainous Company, to which you also contributed. How’m I doing, do ya think?

    • I Call BS,

      I scanned through the remarks and as I recall, we both favor marriage equality for homosexuals, and I appreciate the support, but I approach the discussion by looking for common ground and people’s positive qualities and going from there. People lock into their positions when they don’t feel heard and understood, so I try to begin by hearing and understanding.


  • genes

    Did CNN fact check this?

  • I Call BS

    I agree that “people lock into their positions when they don’t feel heard and understood”. I’m trying to show them that their arguments don’t withstand examination. VC is a tough crowd. May the force be with you.

  • I Call BS

    Though most over there won’t admit it, I think that they are largely moved by what they’ve read (or heard about) in what I call “ancient texts”, and the so-called “yuck” factor. They deny it, of course. MTFBWY

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