Becky's back and bringing the bare-breasted goodness

by CynthiaYockey on August 23, 2009

In honor of "Go Topless Day": Bea Arthur nude by John Curin, 1991, Tate Gallery.

In honor of "Go Topless Day": Bea Arthur nude by John Curin, 1991, Tate Gallery.

Becky Chandler is back and blogging at Bing about bare breasts! With photos that are — and I am unanimous in this — NSFW!

Of course.

Becky is a libertarian lesbian lawyer and mother who blogged at Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever until Obama supporters angry with her trenchant observations about their hero got Blogger to shut her down on the specious claim that the illustrations on her blog were X-rated. Beg to differ — they were frisky but not over the line. But she was shut down, nonetheless.

Becky’s next move was microblogging at Twitter, where you can follow her at @beckychr007. (And while you’re there, you are welcome to follow me at @conservativelez.)

And today I see Becky has gone back to long form blogging with a blog at the Ladies of Liberty Alliance on Ning. Well! She has gotten down to testing their TOS limits right out of the gate, so to speak, God bless her. Today’s post is in support of “Go Topless Day.”

We lesbians love this kind of thing. Seriously. Our festivals are filled with bare-breasted women. And pillow fights. Lots of pillow fights. Except when we’re Jello wrestling. Or at the sex toy tent trying on dildo harnesses. Because an army of lovers cannot get out of bed in the morning. Or fail — one of those things for sure — I haven’t been to a lesbian music festival since Sisterfire in 1988 or ’89.

I am 55 and I notice that Becky didn’t post any photos of women my age, which is pure ageism, or my weight, which is looksism — I am NOT making that word up, when I was in the bloom of youth in the 1970’s it was considered very bad! — but I am going to let that slide. One of the things I loved so much about Margaret, whose breasts were very beautiful, was that SHE thought my breasts were beautiful, too, even as I aged and put on weight. I’d be afraid to attend “Go Topless Day” because for one thing, while I do not like wearing a bra, I do not feel the cruel lash of discrimination about having to wear a shirt, and for another, I’m pretty sure that if I did go topless at the protest, they would hand me a t-shirt and say, “Um, we didn’t mean you.”

Update, 8/24/09: Where are my manners? The skin on women’s breasts is so sensitive to sunlight, especially the areolae and nipples. So, Becky, dear, I am an experienced caregiver and if your nipples got sunburned yesterday, I’ll be happy to rub them with a soothing lotion for as long as it takes until you — ahem — feel better.

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