The Bloggess: So funny you must PFNFNDHTIN

by CynthiaYockey on March 24, 2009

The Bloggess is so funny that I am coining a new Internet acronym for her to warn my friends before they read her blog:

Pee First, No Food, No Drinks, Have Tissues and Inhaler Nearby. That’s PFNFNDHITN. Or better yet, PF-NF-ND-HITN. Yeah, divide it by task — that’s easier. This acronym is for the pinnacle of humor achievement — the ability consistently to write posts so funny that you put your readers in danger of incontinence, choking, collapsed lungs, asthma attacks and tears and snot running down their faces.

I understand this is an extremely comprehensive admonition. But it is necessary, judging from what happens to Cuban Diva BFF and me when I read The Bloggess aloud to her over the phone while she follows along on her laptop. There’s also the testimony of a number of The Bloggess’s commenters over time who have written to say that they were laughing so hard and having such conniptions of hilarity over her writing that family members or colleagues rushed to their aid.

If you are brave and have strictly observed the dicta of PF-NF-ND-HITN, the link to The Bloggess’s home page is here. Dive in.

Or, I also have a guided tour:

  • If you CANNOT STAND the Obamas’ fist-bump routine, click here and here (for the latter, also if you like kittens).
  • The Bloggess includes a speculation on something cool Obama could do here.
  • Get to know her here, with her posts tagged, “I pronounce it ‘Pwerto Rrrreeeko.’ “

Oh, and it took me awhile to figure this out, but always scan the comments, too. While The Bloggess has remarked that she has found her tribe and they bewilder the something out of her, they are a hoot, too. Birds of a feather, I guess.

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